What Scott Disick Was Up To During Kourtney Kardashian's Wedding

Just married β€” again! Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker jetted to Europe with the family and the cameras in tow to enjoy their wedding on May 22, 2022. This marks their third marriage ceremony. They first said "I do" in the early morning, following Barker's Billboards performance in April 2022. The intimate and private Vegas wedding was officiated by anΒ  Elvis impersonator and the chapel's owner as a witness, along with a hoard of bodyguards and the pair's personal photographers.

However, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially when there is no legal wedding license involved. So, the lovestruck couple made it official the next month in a ceremony on the steps of the downtown Anacapa courthouse in sunny Santa Barbara. Embracing the Kardashian tradition of lavish nuptials, Kourtney and Barker finished off their marital tour with a big fat multi-million dollar wedding in Italy Portofino β€” sponsored by Dolce & Gabanna and held in a 15th century, clifftop Genoesean fort.

Kourtney's children, Penelope, Mason, and Reign Disick, were there to watch their mom walk down the aisle in Portofino. The kids hadn't been inside Kourtney and Barker's engagement ceremony circle or attended either of the previous weddings. Not surprisingly, their father Scott Disick was absent from the festivities. So, what was the Talentless brand owner up to during his ex's wedding? Crying on the couch or gulping bottles of wine? No, not quite.

Was Scott Disick being shady during Kourtney's wedding?

Scott Disick was up to exactly what you'd expect from him during Kourtney Kardashian's wedding. While guests quaffed the flowing champagne and feasted on "fresh cannoli, pastas made-to-order and the most amazing foods and desserts," per Life & Style, Disick was showing off his shady side. Disick posted to Instagram, depicting his jet-set life.

"Where 2?" Disick wrote, showing tarmac from a plane window in his Instagram story (via Vanity Fair). "Next stop, the beach," he wrote on another, displaying flight stats on a screen. "People saying Scott wants attention πŸ˜‚ what he's really doing is capitalising off the amount of people quick to check / view his page and doing a paid post whilst earning big money from it ... it's smart!" said a savvy commenter, who saw the business potential.

The commenter was right, of course. Maybe it was a coincidence that Disck posted that content and added a paid endorsement, featuring a huge diamond-encrusted wristwatch, at the same time. "Gotta be pushing that p @ofir_pristine," he captioned the. Perhaps it was serendipity that Disick uploaded a video of himself to his grid, shelling identify theft services, just before posting to his story. "I trust @identityiqofficial for helping me protect my identity. Head over to the link in bio to start protecting yourself today. #IDIQPartner #cybersecurity #IdentityIQ #identitytheft #dataprotection #creditmonitoring, " he wrote in the post caption. The Lord knows nothing raises your clout like your ex-girlfriend's third wedding.