Erika Jayne And Sutton Stracke's Feud Is Really Heating Up

"The Real Housewives" wouldn't be "The Real Housewives" without at least one major simmering feud between the stars. This season on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," one of the biggest feuds continues to be between Erika Jayne and (relative) newbie Sutton Stracke — and it's heating up. If we're getting right down to it, the biggest issue between Jayne and Stracke is that amidst all of Jayne's ongoing legal troubles and fraud allegations, she has claimed she's totally innocent and Stracke doesn't totally believe her. 

Fans of the show have seen how the two have a hard time even pretending to be nice to each other. And following Stracke's insensitive reaction to Dorit Kemsley's harrowing home break-in — in which she was held at gunpoint in the middle of the night — some of the other women on the cast seem to be turning against her as well. That's not to say that Jayne is on good terms with everyone else in the cast, however, having recently fanned the flames of her beef with Garcelle Beauvais by literally throwing Beauvais' book in the trash, per E! News.

Sometimes after a "Real Housewives" season wraps filming the stars say they're mending fences. This ... doesn't seem to be the case with Stracke and Jayne. 

Sutton Stracke says Erika Jayne should be 'ashamed of herself'

Sutton Stracke made it clear that, if anything, her feud with Erika Jayne has only gotten more contentious lately. She told Access Hollywood's "Housewives Nightcap" that her main issue with Jayne these days was Jayne's "disrespectful" behavior toward Garcelle Beauvais — referring to the book-in-trash incident. "It has everything to do with respect for what we do as women," Stracke said. "And it was completely disrespectful. Flat out. Disrespectful." Stracke added that Jayne "should be ashamed of herself," and suggested she should have given her book to her neighbor, "that man that eats people" — meaning Armie Hammer, who Jayne was rumored to have had a fling with. Stracke further said, pretty firmly, that she still doesn't believe Jayne is totally innocent. Okay then!

It certainly doesn't appear that Jayne is at all ashamed of herself. Asked on "Watch What Happens Live" to rate, on a scale from one to 10, how much she regretted tossing Beauvais' book, Jayne responded, "Negative five." Jayne referred to the fact that Beauvais unfollowed her and made a shady post of her own and said the book tossing was just her response. 

It would appear that Jayne is officially out of f**ks.