Owen Wilson Was Reportedly The Victim Of An Unfortunate Crime

Best known as the voice of Lightning McQueen from the "Cars" franchise, Owen Wilson is, without doubt, among Hollywood's top actors. With an impressive filmography, and multiple award nominations to show for it (per IMDb), Wilson's career is as successful as it gets. However, as most people already know, even the most successful people struggle sometimes.

From dealing with depression, to losing his father to Alzheimer's, Wilson has definitely had his share of troubles. However, these days, the actor seems to be doing better, or at least so he says. "I've been in sort of a lucky place of feeling pretty appreciative of things," he told Esquire in August 2021. "I've just felt — yeah. Feeling pretty grateful. Well, grateful's one of those words that get used all the time. Appreciative. Of, you know, stuff."

Sadly, as appreciative as Wilson sounds, the occasional bad days are seemingly not over for the actor, as it's been reported that Wilson was the victim of an unfortuante property crime.

Owen Wilson's Tesla tires were stolen

Owen Wilson has a new, unexpected expense and it's not cheap! On May 31, TMZ reported that the actor was a victim of grand theft. According to the outlet, Wilson had parked his car, a Tesla, outside his Santa Monica home on Saturday, only to see on Sunday that his rims and tires were missing.

With the car reported to cost up to over $100,000, per the Daily Mail, Wilson will end up paying a whopping $4,000 to get a new set of tires and rims. But of course, with Wilson's estimated net worth of $70 million, this is only a drop in the actor's mighty ocean.

Luxury cars are apparently not the only thing Wilson enjoys splurging on. Per Celebrity Net Worth, the "Wedding Crashers" star also has a thing for real estate and has, over the years, amassed an impressive collection of real estate investments estimated to be worth between $40 and $50 million. Talk about a man that puts his money to good use!