Who Is Chicago Med Star Brian Tee's Wife, Mirelly Taylor?

"Chicago Med" has seen Dr. Ethan Choi — played by Brian Tee — experience a ton of heartache of late. In one of the most dramatic "One Chicago" exits the franchise has ever seen, Choi said goodbye to love interest, April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta). Did we mention that their parting came as Choi was recovering from being shot by an ex-patient? Never a dull moment on "One Chicago."

However, off-camera, things are significantly less dramatic for the star, particularly when it comes to his love life. That might just have something to do with the Tee's real-life partner, Mirelly Taylor. That said, just because the two aren't co-stars, doesn't mean their love isn't the stuff of movies. Based on the adorable Instagram posts that have seen the two profess their love for one another — Tee once commenting, "MY only wish is that I found you sooner ... but I PROMISE to find you every lifetime after!" — this is one loved-up couple. In fact, as Taylor revealed in a 2021 Instagram post, they celebrated eight years of marriage last year. In yet another post, she also gushed over her husband's parenting skills, writing, "You brighten our lives every day."

It's pretty safe to say, Taylor is a loving wife to her "Chicago Med" star husband. That's not all, though. Like Tee, she has her own thing going on — and there's a good chance you've seen her work, too.

Mirelly Taylor is an actor...

Mirelly Taylor may be married to one of the stars of the hugely successful "One Chicago" franchise, but she's also shining bright in her own right. From theater, to film and TV, she has an impressive resume all her own.

Per Taylor's website, her body of film work includes "Serving Sara," "Down with Love," and "The Prodigy," among others. More recently, she held a role in the 2021 movie "Christmas is Canceled." If any of those sound familiar, it might be because Taylor's co-stars in the projects were some pretty big names. From Amy Adams and Matthew Perry to Ewan McGregor, Taylor is no novice when it comes to working with A-listers. However, in an interview with The Eerie Digest, she gushed over working with one mega-star, in particular. Speaking of her time working on "Hollywood Homicide," she recounted an experience she had with co-star Harrison Ford. "[He] got me a pasta salad," she recalled. "That was my first experience with a major celebrity where there was no pretense and just real work."

Taylor has also held roles on a number of TV shows, including "Lost." She joined the cast in the final season, playing the wife of Richard Alpert. Speaking to The Eerie Digest, she called the role, "The most important ... in my body of work," and revealed that it had garnered her a massive fanbase.

...But Mirelly almost didn't become one

Mirelly Taylor — sometimes also billed as Ruth Osuma — has been involved in a ton of exciting projects since the start of her career. As such, it may shock some to know that she told The Eerie Digest she only committed to acting after spending two years in college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Though Taylor didn't divulge what she was studying, it's pretty clear that it wasn't acting. Rather, she told the publication that she'd followed the path "that had been set for me by my family and not necessarily what truly brought me joy."

Eventually, she de-registered from the college to shift gears and join a drama school. However, it was only after a life-changing brush with death that she took that plunge. After surviving traumatic accident at 19, Taylor finally had a clear vision for what she wanted her future to look like. It's no surprise, then, that despite the trauma, she maintains that her accident needed to happen for her to see what she really wanted. She explained, "The accident was the best thing that could have happened to me."