Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag Are Expanding Their Family Once Again

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, also known as "Speidi," are one of the all-time couples in reality TV history. The infamous pair brought the drama, both on television and in real life. According to IMDb, Montag and Pratt starred in the MTV hit "The Hills" from 2006 through 2010 and appeared with the show's main star, Lauren Conrad. The show, which was meant to be an insider glimpse into the lives of the young and wealthy, helped launch today's reality TV craze. The series also launched Pratt and Montag into superstardom. Today, they both boast massive Instagram followings, and dedicated fans.

On May 31, Montag took to Instagram to reflect on her career. The mother of one shared two photos from the show, reflecting on her journey. "It's been 16 years since #thehills premiered‼️ I hoped and prayed for this show to happen when we were in talks," she wrote in the post's caption. "I am so thankful to Lauren for including me on this ride in the beginning." Montag also gave a nod to Pratt in the post. "Beyond blessed to have found the love of my life and the incredible journey that came along with it," she wrote.

Since the show's been off-air, the couple has been busy building their family. On October 1, 2017, Montag took to Twitter to announce their first son, Gunner Stone, via an Us Weekly article. Fittingly, the pair chose the same outlet to reveal their exciting news.

A baby is on the way for Heidi Montag nad Spencer Pratt

Baby will make four for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag! The ultimate reality TV couple shared major pregnancy news in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. "I couldn't be more excited. I don't know who I'm the most excited for — myself or Gunner or Spencer," Montag told the outlet, adding that she felt like "something was missing" in their family. "The Hills" alum said she turned to prayer in hopes of welcoming another child. "I'm like, if I'm not meant to have another kid — because I had accepted that at this point," she continued. "I just wanted to not have that desire so strongly and I just wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not. I just get so emotional about it."

She went on to say, "I think a lot of women struggle with this, and it's just not something a lot of people talk about because it's so hard and it's so personal." After trying for "about 18 months," Montag found out she was pregnant. She added that their friend Brody Jenner offered to pay for IVF treatments if they needed to go that route.

On Mother's Day, Montag shared a sweet series of photos dedicated to her firstborn, Gunner Pratt. "It's been a beautiful journey!" she wrote on the post. We can only imagine how her next Mother's Day post will look!