Mandy Moore Reveals Exciting Family News After Saying Goodbye To This Is Us

Mandy Moore has a joyful family update to share with the world! The "This Is Us" star has been married to musician Taylor Goldsmith since 2018, per Us Weekly, and the pair has one child together named August, or Gus for short, who was born in 2021. Moore announced Gus' birth on Instagram in February 2021 and revealed details about his entry into the world. "He was punctual and arrived right on his due date, much to the delight of his parents," Moore wrote. 

The actor further opened up about her son to Parents when she shared how motherhood has impacted her creativity in a November 2021 interview. "[Life] just makes sense in a way that it didn't before," Moore said. "I had no idea that this degree of love existed in the world. Yeah, it's going to change what I write about and, as an actor, what I'm able to access." When Moore was interviewed for Dr Berlin's "Informed Pregnancy Podcast" in March 2021, she explained her desire to give birth to another child, saying (via USA Today), "I can't wait to do it again." Moore's latest statement involves amazing news for her, Goldsmith and baby Gus.

Mandy Moore is expecting baby number two with Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore is pregnant with her second child with her husband, singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith. Moore announced the exciting news via Instagram on June 3. Her statement has emerged following the close of Moore's long-running series "This Is Us," as the finale of the show aired on May 24, per NBC. "One incredibly seminal chapter of my life just ended and the next one, as a mother of two, is about to start... and are we ever so deeply grateful and excited. Baby Boy Goldsmith #2 coming this fall!" Moore wrote alongside a photo of her son, Gus, wearing a "big brother" t-shirt. Among those who commented on the sweet post were Moore's "This Is Us" costar, Chrissy Metz, who wrote, "That shirt is just perfect on Gus!" 

This summer, Moore is going on tour with Goldsmith and Gus for her latest music album, "In Real Life," which she spoke about in an interview with USA Today in May. The multitalented performer predicted that the tour may be "the best summer vacation ever" for her family. Now, it will be an even more special summer season as she, Goldsmith and Gus prepare for another member of the family.