Sam Hunt And Hannah Lee Fowler Have Exciting Family News After Near Divorce

After five years of marriage, Hannah Lee Fowler filed for divorce from country singer Sam Hunt in February. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Fowler decided to end things with her husband after she discovered Hunt's cheating, citing that Hunt was "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct" and "adultery." In the documents, it was revealed Fowler was pregnant and due in May — news that was not made public until the filing. She also asked to be granted primary custody of the child as well as child support once she gave birth.

In March, Hunt co-hosted "Country Countdown USA" and announced that he and his estranged wife were expecting a baby girl. "I have a little girl on the way," he said. "I blocked out two months at the end of May and early June. Really this year revolves around that big news in my life."

Just a few months after filing, Fowler called off the divorce and asked for the case to be dismissed in May, according to People. A source told the outlet the couple is working on their marriage and trying their best to stay together. Another source told Entertainment Tonight that Hunt wants to prove himself to his wife after the reported infidelity. And while things have been a rollercoaster for the couple recently, they just shared some exciting family news with the world.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Fowler welcome their daughter

Just weeks after Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler called off their divorce to work on their marriage, the singer announced that they welcomed a baby girl into the world. While performing at the Stars For Second Harvest charity concert in Nashville on June 7, Hunt told the crowd that he recently had his first child named Lucy Lu, per Entertainment Tonight

It's unclear when the singer's daughter was born, but it seems as though it was sometime in May based on his comments at the show. Hunt opened up to the crowd about fatherhood, saying, "I think being out here, and in the music business and being out on the road, has sort of hardened my heart." He continued, "My heart's definitely a lot harder in a lot of ways since I left that small town. It's amazing how that little girl melted that all away overnight a couple of weeks ago." 

According to Page Six, Hunt prepared for his little girl to be born by asking some of his peers for parenting advice. Singer Russell Dickerson, a friend of Hunt's, was among the men he asked for words of wisdom. It is unclear where Fowler and Hunt's relationship truly stands at this point, and the couple has yet to share the news of their daughter's birth on social media, but we assume they're just laying low in baby bliss.