Valerie Bertinelli Gets Very Candid On Her Romantic Future

Valerie Bertinelli has gone through many ups and downs in her love life. In May, USA Today reported that Bertinelli pulled the plug on her marriage to her second husband, Tom Vitale, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple did not have any children together, but they enjoyed 10 years of marriage before the divorce. According to People, the couple legally separated in November 2021, so the divorce news was not a huge shock as it seemed inevitable. 

The day Bertinelli filed for divorce from Vitale, fans noticed that she looked sad in an Instagram video, so the Food Network star made sure to address her feelings. "I'm just having a bad day," she told fans. "But you know what? Sometimes we have bad days, and then we get over them, and then there's a good day. So I'm looking forward to the good day. F**k this bad day." In the caption, she also told her fans that she's "always looking forward to the good days."

Following the divorce, things have gotten a little messy for the star. According to Entertainment Tonight, Vitale is seeking spousal support, and he is also asking Bertinelli to cover his legal fees. Ouch. He also questioned the prenup, saying the "determination as to the validity of the Prenuptial Agreement dated December 21, 2010 and/or that any provisions are unconscionable." Due to these issues, Bertinelli seems to have a new outlook on love.

Valerie Bertinelli is done with love

Valerie Bertinelli isn't shy about speaking the truth about her love life. The "Hot in Cleveland" actor has been open and honest about her past relationships, and in an emotional interview with "Today," Bertinelli shared what her future life looks like, though she doesn't believe she will share it with a special someone. "I'm going to be more than happy to be happily divorced and spend the rest of my life alone; I'll be happy that way," she told host Hoda Kotb. "Well with my six cats and my dog and my son and hopefully one day grandchildren." When Kotb asked Bertinelli if she would be looking for love, she replied, "Oh, god no." During the interview, Bertinelli also chatted about her divorce from Tom Vitale and how difficult it was to go through. "Divorce sucks, I can't imagine ever trusting anyone again," she dished.

Before her marriage to Vitale, Bertinelli was married to rocker Eddie Van Halen. The couple had one child together, Wolfgang Van Halen, and Bertinelli's Instagram handle is a tribute to her son: @wolfiesmom. Eddie died from cancer in 2020 and after his death, Bertinelli talked about their love in an interview with "Today." "The love we have always had for each other proved stronger and more resilient than anything else. We chose to remain friends and family," she told the outlet, even calling Eddie her "soul mate." She added, "I definitely, definitely know that was part of Ed. I loved his soul deeply."