Inside JoJo Siwa's Relationship With Kylie Prew

JoJo Siwa has definitely blossomed since her days on "Dance Moms." The multi-talented performer has tackled just about everything in her lifetime, from competing in dance competitions and releasing music, to even having her own line of products like makeup and accessories. The star's big, bubbly personality has endeared her to people of all ages and earned her a widespread, loyal fanbase over the years.

Outside of her business ventures and career accomplishments, the reality TV personality is also known for being a proud member of the LGBTQ community. In January 2021, Siwa publicly came out to her millions of fans, and by February 2021, she revealed that she was in a relationship with Kylie Prew.

Contrary to the many whirlwind relationships that seem to plague young adults in the spotlight, the pair's love story began with a slow burn. And while they have experienced ups and downs, there's no doubt that JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have a strong bond. From love-filled Instagram posts to celebrating several anniversaries, here's an inside look at the details of the sweet couple's relationship.

A cruise ship brought the pair together

Some couples meet at work or on a blind date, but for JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew, a cruise ship was their matchmaker. Siwa revealed on her mom's podcast, "Success With Jess," that they formed a connection right away when they met on a cruise in December 2019. "We just became instant like this," Siwa recalled. "Like I had a big secret at the time that I wasn't supposed to tell anybody and I told her within 10 minutes of meeting her."

When the pair initially started talking, Siwa admitted to People that she was a bit impersonal at first, telling Prew more about her life in the spotlight and job, rather than who she was as a person. The reality TV star explained to the outlet, "I told her my whole spiel that I tell everyone when they ask me my life story. [Prew] goes, 'I could have Googled that. I want to know your life story. You just told me about your career. I want to know about you.'" After hearing her response, Siwa was blown away for a moment, noting that she never had another person inquire about anything else besides her famous lifestyle and personality.

From that moment on, the two formed a close bond and became best friends. Nearly a year later, however, their relationship would become much more.

The two were best friends first

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew stayed platonic for a while before they took things to the next level. When the "Dance Moms" star broke the news of their relationship on Instagram, she said that they were best friends for over a year before the two decided to take the leap. "After being my best friend for over a year, January 8th 2021 I got to start calling this exceptional human my Girlfriend... and Since then I've been the happiest I have ever been," Siwa wrote in an Instagram post celebrating their one month anniversary.

The same month that the social media star started dating Prew in secret, she dropped several hints on TikTok and Twitter that she was gay. On January 21, 2021, Siwa posted a video on TikTok which featured her dancing to the song "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. The use of the 2011 song, which has been embraced as an LGBTQ anthem, led many fans to speculate about her sexuality.

On January 22, 2021, Siwa tweeted a picture of herself in a t-shirt that read "Best Gay Cousin Ever," and the following month she said on "The Tonight Show" that it was her girlfriend who encouraged her to post the picture. So, not only did Prew help Siwa publicly come out, but she also shared via Instagram that their relationship journey from friends to lovers has been the greatest feeling in the world.

JoJo Siwa has openly praised her GF many times

JoJo Siwa has not been shy about showering GF Kylie Prew with love on social media or talk show interviews. In a cover story with People in April 2021, she praised Prew's confidence regarding making their relationship public. "She never cares what the internet said about us," Siwa said. "It's nice to have somebody in my life like that." Siwa also delved into labeling her sexuality and explained to the outlet that while she is still on a journey to discover who she is and who she loves, she is a self-described "Ky-sexual," a play on words that references Prew's first name.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" judge has gone beyond magazine interviews to give her girlfriend special shoutouts. In April 2021, Siwa presented the GLAAD award for Outstanding Children's Programming and couldn't help but take the moment to talk about Prew. "I have the best, most amazing, wonderful girlfriend in the entire world who makes me so, so, so happy. That is all that matters," she said during the presentation.

Outside of formal interviews and award shows, the social media influencer has been very open about her love for Prew by sharing snippets of their relationship together on Instagram and TikTok. While on a trip to a Disney theme park, Siwa shared a picture on Instagram of the pair in matching Buzz Lightyear shirts and face masks, with the caption, "I love you to infinity and beyond."

The many anniversaries of JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew

Throughout their relationship, JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have proven to arguably be one of the cutest couples ever. Their cuteness was amplified when the YouTuber revealed to Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" that they celebrate not one, not two, but four anniversaries together, and there's a pretty sweet reason behind it.

In the interview, Siwa explained to Fallon that each of the anniversary dates represents a significant moment in their relationship journey. "We actually celebrate four days though," she said. "When Ky asked me to be girlfriend, when I asked Ky to be girlfriend, when we told each other that we liked each other and when we kissed for the first time." The dates of their four anniversaries all fall in the month of January and are on the 8th, 14th, 28th, and 29th, according to the "Dance Moms" star. She did note later, however, that the surplus of commemorative anniversaries would likely not last forever and the two would eventually narrow it down to one date.

While the performer has not publicly celebrated each of her many anniversaries with Prew since they started dating, she has posted a handful of times to recognize significant milestones. For the couple's 6 month anniversary, Siwa wrote in part on Instagram, "Thank you for everyday making me feel so special and SO loved. I will forever love you more than you know."

The couple split after less than a year together

With the overwhelmingly positive and love-filled social media posts JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew made for one another since they became a couple, fans of the reality TV star and the general public assumed that the pair were in it for the long haul. TikTok videos and pictures on social media do not always paint the full picture of a relationship however, which is why it came as a huge shock when news broke that the two split in late 2021.

According to a source with Us Weekly, the couple broke up in the beginning of October 2021, while Siwa was still competing on "Dancing With the Stars." At the time, the cause of the breakup was unknown, though the "Boomerang" singer opened up about what led to their split with Paris Hilton on her "This Is Paris" podcast. Without going into too much detail, Siwa revealed that while she viewed Prew as the right person for her, the timing of their relationship was not right for them.

Months prior, the Nickelodeon performer tearfully touched on the difficult nature of their long distance relationship on her Instagram Story in April 2021 (via E! Online), which could have influenced their later breakup. After sharing a photo that showed tears in her eyes, Siwa explained that her sadness was due to being away from Prew. "Nothing happened. We just are long distance and we had to say goodbye today and I'm sad," she shared in the video.

JoJo Siwa didn't stay single long

JoJo Siwa may have been heartbroken by her split with Kylie Prew at first, but some months later, she was back in the dating game. While talking with YouTuber Rachel Ballinger on her podcast, "Rachel Uncensored," in March 2022, the "Dancing With the Stars" contestant confirmed that she was in a relationship at the time. "We're not single. I say 'we're' because it's me and my multiple personalities within myself. ... I am not single and I don't want to mingle. No, I'm a loyal lady," she explained on the podcast.

While JoJo did elaborate on the status of her love life, she did not reveal the name of her lover at the time and kept their identity under wraps. By May 2022, however, fans started speculating that JoJo's secret girlfriend was none other than Prew herself following a post on Instagram of the two together.

On May 1, 2022, Tom Siwa, father of the "Dance Moms" alum, shared a selfie of himself along with JoJo and Prew appearing to be on a trip to a Disney theme park. The collage of pictures included the trio on multiple rides together and even holding hands as they walked through the park. Though there was no official confirmation that the pair were back together at the time, people immediately speculated that they rekindled their romance.

JoJo Siwa confirmed they got back together

Fans aren't always right about predicting what goes on in the lives of celebrities, but in the case of JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew getting back together, many could pick up on the obvious hints. Just four days after her dad posted pictures of the three on a vacation trip, Siwa herself revealed on Instagram on May 5, 2022, that she and Prew were a couple again. In a snap of Siwa kissing her GF on the cheek, the reality TV star wrote, "If you love something let it go, if it comes back...." followed by a heart and infinity sign emoji.

Looking as blissful and exuberant as they were before their breakup, Siwa and Prew appear to be better than ever. Touching on rekindling her relationship with Prew, the "Kid in a Candy Store" singer told ET that their love for one another is even better the second time around. "This is just so pure and so honest, and it's so real and it just feels like I/we got it right," she explained to the outlet.

Additionally, she said she is incredibly happy where she is at in her relationship and called herself lucky to be with Prew. As for Siwa's other half, she had some wholesome words to share about their relationship. In an Instagram post that included pictures from their Disney trip, Prew wrote, "ya know that one song from Cinderella that goes like 'so this is loveeee'? yeah, that." A-bow-rable.