Where Selling Sunset's Chelsea Lazkani And Christine Quinn Stand Today

So, what exactly is going on between "Selling Sunset" stars Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn? As anyone who saw Season 5 of Netflix's hit reality series will know, the twosome brought plenty of drama to The Oppenheim Group employees' door. Quinn befriended Lazkani and put in a good word to get her a gig working alongside the likes of Chrishell Stause and Heather Rae El Moussa (née Heather Rae Young) at what may just be the most prestigious brokerage in the world.

Fans were loving the new addition to the team (and so were plenty of media outlets, like Digital Spy), but many viewers were left wondering where the two actually stood at the end of the season when Quinn fell out with, well, pretty much every one. Things blew up after Quinn was accused of attempting to bribe a client not to work with The Oppenheim Group real estate agent and her feud partner Emma Hernan (something Quinn has vehemently denied) before she then skipped out on the Tan France-hosted reunion (her reps claimed to TMZ she had a positive COVID teast). Quinn then confirmed to Forbes in April that she'd officially left the real estate group and had started up her own company to rival the California stalwarts, while Lazkani appeared to grow closer to Quinn's former co-workers (as plenty of glam Instagram snaps show). So, what did all that really mean for their friendship?

Chelsea Lazkani 'loves' Christine Quinn

Don't think Chelsea Lazkani's bond with Christine Quinn has gone by the wayside following the dramatic ending of "Selling Sunset" Season 5. In fact, it sounds like it may be the opposite. Lazkani opened up about the state of her relationship with the uber-glam star during an appearance on People's "People Every Day" podcast in May, saying, "I love [Quinn] to pieces. Her not being at the O Group obviously saddens me, but what you didn't see on camera is my relationship with a lot of the other girls had started to evolve very early on. I have many relationships at the O Group, not just Christine." She also confirmed she's on great terms with Chrishell Stause, Quinn's arch enemy. "It's so easy for us to not be friends because of the history that pertains between her and Christine. But she's a boss. You know, I love successful women, so I want to support her. I wanted to work on that relationship and now we have such a strong friendship," she said.

And it sounds like we can expect to see plenty more interactions between Lazkani, Stause, and Quinn when "Selling Sunset" returns for Season 6. The former admitted to E! News in June that she has no plans to join Quinn's brokerage anytime soon, but really hopes Quinn will be on Season 6 — like she promised to Us Weekly in May. "She's such great TV. She's amazing behind the camera, too," Lazkani gushed.

Selling Sunset season 6 will be 'battle of the brokerages'

It seems like Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn have put their money (and there's plenty of it) where their mouths are when it comes to their friendship. The two have proven they really are both still friends and hanging out together, as Lazkani shared a fierce snap of the two posing together on her Instagram account in May. The two showed off their best power poses in the snap, with she captioned, "As if!" As for Quinn, she shared a couple of uploads to her Instagram in April showing her and Lazkani posing for the cover of Netflix's "Tudum" magazine. A fun video showed the two posing on a bed for the Barbie-themed shoot, while she also shared a look at the cover.

But don't think Quinn will be taking things easy on The Oppenheim Group just because of her friendship with Lazkani. The star spoke to E!'s "Daily Pop" in May about Season 6 of "Selling Sunset" and how she'll be featured now she's not working alongside the glamorous girls — and it sounds like there could be real estate war on the cards! "It means we might have to get a little creative when it comes to the new season, because it's going to be like a battle of the brokerages, so it will be fun," she teased.