The 2000s Rom-Com You Forgot Peyton List Was In

Actor Peyton List has maintained a highly successful acting career that began with child stardom. The performer's earliest acting credit dates back to 2002, when she played a guest role on "As the World Turns" at just four years old, per IMDb. Two breakout parts would later follow for List in 2011. First, when she earned the role of Holly Hills in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" franchise. and later that year, she would score one of her most well-known roles, Emma Ross in the Disney Channel series, "Jessie."

 In a 2022 interview with GRAZIA Gazette: Los Angeles, List reflected on the enjoyable moments from her early acting days. "It always felt right to me. It never felt off," List said of her career beginnings. "It always felt really fun, and that I was playing dress-up with a bunch of adults who would be so kind to me and be so collaborative." List also stated that performing was something she "always wanted to do," so acting from the time she was a kid "was a dream come true." Before landing her breakthrough parts, List made an appearance in a very popular 2000s romantic comedy film.

Peyton List played young Jane in 27 Dresses

Prior to becoming a household name, Peyton List started her Hollywood career with a 2000s rom-com role. List portrayed young Jane in the movie "27 Dresses" in 2008, as noted by Us Weekly. Katherine Heigl starred in the movie, in which she played the adult version of Jane, a character who was a perpetual bridesmaid hoping to walk down the aisle herself some day. List was shown as young Jane in the opening scene of the film, which displayed how the character first fell in love with weddings as she pitched in at her cousin's nuptials at just 8-years-old.

At the premiere of the film, List was interviewed about her role and explained what drew her to the project. "Since I just read the script, I thought it was a really good movie and I thought, 'Oh, I would really love to be in it,'" List said, via Getty. "[Heigl] has such a nice character ... So I was like, 'Yeah, I do really want to do this.'" Following her early childhood acting gigs, List has consistently scored impressive parts in film and television.

Peyton List has continued her Hollywood success

Since she appeared as young Jane in "27 Dresses," actor Peyton List has gone on to play some memorable characters. She not only portrayed Emma Ross in the fan-favorite Disney Channel series, "Jessie," but List also returned to the part for the spinoff of the show, "Bunk'd," before exiting the series in 2018. One of her latest characters is Tory Nichols in "Cobra Kai," the Netflix series revisiting the plot of the "Karate Kate" film franchise. In December 2021, as the series was set to enter into its fourth season, List spoke to Wonderland Magazine about the "empowering" role, which has been a departure from her Disney Channel days.

"It's something I never thought I could do," List said of playing Tory before adding, "The description was this bada** strong female who doesn't take s*** from anyone. If anyone crosses her even slightly they're going to hear about it or going to feel it." She added that she's "learned a lot from the character," and "a lot of mental clarity" has resulted from doing physical stunts on the show. Aside from television, List is continuing to gain noteworthy film roles. "The Last Will and Testament of Charles Abernathy," a Netflix thriller, is one of her latest movies and will be out late 2022. She's come a long way since her "27 Dresses" days, and it looks like List's career will only keep thriving!