Brad Lambert Discusses Artist BossLogic's Studio Deals And What Really Happened Behind The Scenes - Exclusive

If you've been following along with Brad Lambert's story, then you already know that the manager has been fighting an uphill battle ever since a piece written for TheWrap painted him as a Los Angeles suit eager to "leech" off of young talent. Not only did Lambert lose three partnership deals, but his reputation took a sustained hit, sending the 15-year Hollywood veteran into a downward professional spiral. After sitting on his truth for months, Lambert finally was able to share what really happened, agreeing to sit down with Nicki Swift – first and exclusively — about the article and its fallout.

The article primarily focused on grievances lodged by influencer Matt Ramos and artist Bosslogic – as such, we gave Lambert the opportunity to address said complaints, an offer that he claims was not granted to him by TheWrap.

"How can I give my side of the story in a two-way investigative piece if you don't tell me a claim?" Lambert told us of the initial piece. "There were so many things in that article that I wasn't privy to prior to it running."

Having already shared his unfiltered thoughts on Ramos, Lambert tackled Bosslogic's claims head-on, telling us his side of the story.

Brad addresses the claims that he skimped Bosslogic on a big payday

One grievance that artist Bosslogic aired against Brad Lambert in TheWrap's piece was that the manager didn't solidify an appropriate deal for art produced for "Spider-Man: Far From Home." Recounting that his artwork made it onto a billboard, Bosslogic claimed that his $15,000 payday was not nearly the amount that Lambert could've negotiated for him. We brought this complaint to Lambert, giving him the opportunity to tell us what really happened.

"Boss got the deal with the digital marketing social team. The budget for that was $15,000. When he signed the agreement, it was a universal rights agreement. When he signed that, Sony Pictures was allowed to do whatever they wanted with that piece of art," Lambert explained. "If he didn't want that, it was his decision and his attorneys and legal team to step up."

Telling us that Bosslogic was nothing but grateful to the Sony team and thrilled to see his work on a billboard, Lambert confessed that it wasn't his first time landing such a deal like the one in question.

"When you're creating artwork like this and you sign a universal grant ... they could put it on anything ... and this is universal for most art activations like this," Lambert said.

Bosslogic claimed that Brad killed a $100,000 deal — what really happened?

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints lodged against Brad Lambert by Bosslogic stemmed from a $100,000 deal — a payday that the artist claimed to have landed himself and that Lambert intentionally killed as he was not a part of initial negotiations. Lambert told us that this couldn't be further from the truth and that he was only aware that the deal was being killed when he received a less than pleasant phone call from executives at Warner Bros. asking him why Bosslogic had missed vital deadlines.

"I had no knowledge of what was happening with this campaign because he breached contract and went behind my back," Lambert told us. "I'm on the phone [with the executives] like, 'I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.' He literally was like, 'Aren't you on the chain?' I'm like, 'No.'"

Lambert was eventually added (see below with "+Brad" at the top of the email) and was finally able to get the full scope of what happened.

"BossLogic is CC'd on these emails. He knows what the contract was. He knows what the amount was, and he knows why it got killed," Lambert said.

As the emails Lambert provided show, Bosslogic took responsibility for missing deadlines, an element of the story not present in TheWrap's article.