How Tall Is Will Smith?

For a lot of his fans, Will Smith might seem like he's larger than life. That's not just because of his presence on the big screen, but also because of his movie star charisma. He definitely commands a lot of attention, whether it be when he rapped and danced on "The Graham Norton Show" in 2013, or decided to slap Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

While there probably are not a lot of people in this world who wouldn't recognize Smith on the street, Smith says that he's not looking to become the biggest or the best in anything anymore. He told the New York Times in 2021, "Strategizing about being the biggest movie star in the world — that is all completely over. I realized that in order to enjoy my time here and in order to be helpful, it's much more about self-examination." He added, "Everything in my life is more centered on spiritual growth and elevation."

Even though Smith has taken a different approach in his work and his celebrity in recent years, he's still someone who can't be ignored, especially when it comes to his stature. In fact, a lot of his fans can't help but wonder just how tall Smith is, especially since he appears so much taller than his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Will Smith's height isn't the only thing that makes him larger than life

When Will Smith enters a room, you can almost bet that everyone is going to turn and look in his direction. That's mostly because he's 6-foot-1, as detailed by Celeb Heights. In an interview with Black Film back in 2003, Smith admitted that he was definitely someone who his peers and even middle school friends looked up to early on — and quite literally, too. He said, "I'm 6-foot-2, I'm 200 pounds now, but I've been 6 foot 2 since eighth grade when I was 6 foot 2 and 150 pounds so I've always been a little goofy."

In comparison, Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith is just 4 feet and 11 inches, although she did call herself a "little 5ft nothing a**" in an interview with the Daily Mail back in 2007. That might be one of the reasons why so many of his fans probably think that the "King Richard" actor is much taller in real life. Whenever he's standing next to Jada on the red carpet, Will certainly looks like he could easily be the tallest man in the room. 

But the Smiths' height difference might just be an afterthought compared to some of the bigger things that Will and Jada had to overcome in their relationship to be get to where they are today.

Will and Jada stand tall together

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have gone through a lot during their relationship, and not because of any of the jokes that Chris Rock has cracked at Jada's expense

From the both of them admitting that they don't really believe in monogamy to Jada's reported affair, their relationship has certainly dominated the headlines. But that hasn't stopped Will and Jada from being by each other's side over the years. Also, the fact that there is a foot between them in height doesn't seem to phase Jada much at all. She told The Guardian in 2019, "Will is my life partner and I could not ask for a better one." Likewise, Will told Rap Radar in 2018 that he and Jada are "life partners." He said (via Billboard), "There's no deal breakers. There's nothing she could do — ever — nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death, and it feels so good to get to that space."

Regardless of what's being said or written about Will and Jada and their relationship, one thing is for certain: they will always stand tall together. Will might have the height of a star, but it's Jada who probably brings out the best in him.