William's Role As King Could Be Undercut By His On-Going Feud With Harry, According To An Expert

Famed royal editor Omid Scobie thought William's landmark 40th birthday was a missed opportunity for the future king. Scobie wrote in his weekly Yahoo! U.K. column that a glowing Daily Mail birthday profile about the prince was a "perfect chance to paint the picture of a man focused on preparing for [his] big job" as future king. But the royal expert added, "Instead of hearing more about the Duke's ambitious environmental plans, we were told in detail by close sources that William feels Prince Harry 'has 100 percent crossed that line.'"

The royal executive editor, who co-authored Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's biography "Finding Freedom," thought the Mail's profile was "hypocritical" because it noted how "awful it is for Harry to speak publicly about his experiences." While at the same time, people close to William shared opinions in "Britain's most-read tabloid." Ouch.

During Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey (via Newsweek), the Duke of Sussex talked about his relationship with William. Harry said: "I love William to bits. He's my brother ... But we're on different paths." Scobie wrote, "It looks like you'll have to wait for his 41st if you want to discover how William transformed from a reluctant heir to a dutiful king-in-waiting." The royal expert noted William's friends were "too busy dishing on how he 'alternates between grief and anger' over Harry's life decisions." But one royal expert thinks William's role as the king could be undercut by his feud with Harry.

Prince William's failure to make up with Prince Harry doesn't look good

The Daily Beast's royal expert Tom Sykes believes that Prince William's failure to make up with his brother Prince Harry is bad for the monarchy. Sykes wrote, "If he cannot make peace with Harry, the rancorous fall out from a vicious family argument gone global will dog him, and his reign, until the end of his days." Sykes isn't the only royal expert who thinks William's feud with Harry could hurt his future.

The former royal editor for The Sun, Duncan Larcombe, told the Beast, "If William wants to be a future king, a great leader giving inspiring addresses about the environment to two billion people, then the public are within their rights to expect him to be able to sort out a frankly pretty minor dispute with his brother. He has to start showing some leadership here." The former Sun royal expert added, "If he really does believe he is the chap chosen by god to be king, then he should be capable of sorting out this row with his brother."

William's unwillingness to make up with his brother may already impact how the British people see him. A Daily Mail profile reported William's complaints about the "alien world" Harry lives in. Twitter's reaction to the story was brutal. One user tweeted: "Can William just shut up about Harry already and go on with his usual boring business!"