Alec Baldwin's Career Just Went From Bad To Worse

It's been an annus horribilis for Alec Baldwin, starting with the October 2021 "Rust" shooting. The tragedy occurred after Baldwin's prop gun discharged and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The actor faces a litany of litigations, including script supervisor Mamie Mitchell's lawsuit packed with scathing criticism of Baldwin. There are police accusations that Baldwin demanded a bigger gun to brandish on camera, leading to the ultimately fatal firearm — a charge the actor has vehemently denied, insisting he was more than happy with the size of his weapon.

Then there was the news of Baldwin's Instagram Live interview with Woody Allen. The Hollywood director has been the subject of controversy ever since marrying Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Allen's long-term partner Mia Farrow. Then, his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow went public with allegations that he molested her when she was seven. Allen has persistently maintained his innocence and told CBS the claims were "insane." However, Dylan persists with her proclamations, and a recent HBO documentary has reignited the scandal.

Some actors boycotted the director following Dylan's molestation claims, others have since expressed regret over continuing to work with him. However, Baldwin is not one of them, as he teased his Allen interview in a whispering Instagram video. Baldwin vowed caption he hasn't time for "sanctimonious" beliefs and has "ZERO INTEREST" anyone's opinions. "I love you, Woody," he concluded the video. Now, just when you thought it was impossible, Baldwin's career just went from bad to worse.

Alec Baldwin's Spanish outburst

During Alec Baldwin's interview with Woody Allen on Instagram Live, Allen's screen froze. Baldwin didn't realize his mic and camera were still live, and he took advantage of the supposed timeout to shout at an anonymous staffer. "Leonetta! Leonetta! Basta! Las perritas! Basta! Las perritas, suficiente!" Baldwin shouted, per The New York Post, demanding his dogs be quieted. Twitter responded quickly with mocking comments, as did Reddit, with an entire thread devoted to the exchange. "Excuse me! Pepinos! He's trying to impress Unkie Woody with his espanish," one wrote. "I hope [Leonetta] spits in his coffee," another concluded.

Baldwin is certainly no stranger to outbursts. He's been caught on camera screaming at and even scuffling with paparazzi. Per TMZ, he left a now-infamous angry, ranting voicemail for his then-11-year-old daughter Ireland calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" in 2007. Ireland has since made amends with her hot-headed dad and frequently made fun of him over it. 

Baldwin was forced to attend anger management classes in 2019 after pleading guilty to a second-degree harassment violation following a furious altercation over a car parking space. According to Vanity Fair, Baldwin learned from the course that he's actually "not that angry." However, that's perhaps a belief not shared by everyone, especially one of his Spanish-speaking employees.