The Truth About Donny Osmond's Wife

Back in the day, when cassette tapes were a thing and kids eagerly awaited Tiger Beat to drop on the doorstep, Donny Osmand was the teen heartthrob. His white toothy grin and wholesome good looks were plastered over many a bedroom wall. Donny shot to fame in a band with four of his brothers, The Osmonds. In their heyday, the upbeat family group was huge, rivaling The Jackson 5 in fame and popularity. Per All Music, the Osmonds scored four top-five singles and five gold albums back when folks still referred to the charts as "the hit parade."

Unlike many pop stars, the Utah-born boys were devoted Mormons, even releasing a concept album in 1973 about their religion. Their religious path meant no sex, drugs, or rock 'n roll, not to mention tea, coffee, and cigarettes. The Osmonds shunned counterculture in favor of church culture — it's safe to say they were no Rolling Stones.

Despite Donny and Marie Osmond's Mormon faith, they found themselves loving Las Vegas. In 2008 the siblings scored an 11-year residency at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. In 1976, Donny and his sister Marie began co-hosting ABC's "Donny & Marie" variety show, which elevated them to a new level of fame. As his star rose, Donny said "I do" in 1978 to the woman who would support him through his career, via Closer Weekly. So, who was the lucky lady? Here's the truth about Donny Osmond's wife.

Donny Osmond nabbed his wife from his brother

It was a case of puppy love for Donny Osmond when he saw Debra Glenn. He was a superstar, albeit a 16-year-old superstar, and she was sweet 15. Unfortunately, though, the schoolgirl was already taken — by his big bro. "I first met Debbie when she was 15 years old. She was the hot babe cheerleader in town, and she dated my brother Jay before she dated me. It took three whole years to win her heart and convince her to marry me," Donny shared on Facebook.

Because of Donny's "teen idol" image, they had to date on the down-low until cupid struck. "By the time I was 19, I knew I was in love and had to do something right for me," Donny told The Guardian. "When I told my dad, he said: 'Well, there goes your career." The bride was resplendent in a white gown and flowing veil when they wed in 1978. While Donny seriously rocked a black velvet tux with blue trim and purple socks.

He explained the unusual sock choice on his insta. Donny said all nine Osmond kids wore purple socks to help ease their mom's laundry load. "[They became] a good luck charm of sorts in my teen years," he wrote. "Naturally, I thought [it appropriate to wear] them to our wedding." He said Debbie had been supportive of him — as she's continued to be even through the most challenging times in Donny's life.

Donny Osmond's wife is his rock and the love of his life

Donny Osmond's wife has always been there for him through the good times and bad. Debbie Osmond is the singer's ride-or-die, in addition to the mother of their 5 sons and grandma of 12. She's helped him navigate all of the traumatic times in his life. Debbie was a rock when Donny's nephew died at age 33, and she helped nurse him throughout his terrifying medical ordeal. Per The Daily Mirror, Donny injured his spine while competing in "Dancing With the Stars." He underwent surgery but suffered complications that left Donny temporarily paralyzed. For a period, he thought he would never walk again. Still, thankfully he was back on his feet again after a nightmare year of physical therapy and treatments. 

Donny also credited his wife with helping him through crippling bouts of anxiety, admitting that she's saved his life. "Debbie has given my life stability," Donny told People. "She keeps my feet on the ground." A quick scroll through Donny's Insta feed leaves you no doubt about his feelings for Debbie. 

He regularly posts cute pics, videos of the two, and loving tributes. Every year, Donny writes something heartfelt and moving to mark their wedding anniversary. "I love Debbie more with every passing day," he posted in 2020. Donny announced he was creating a song, especially for Debbie. "It's really beautiful, just like her," he wrote. "Happy 42nd #Anniversary to the woman who inspires me daily."