New Eyebrow-Raising Details Are Emerging About Bam Margera's Behavior After Skipping Rehab

It hasn't been the comeback year Bam Margera hoped for. Things started off on the bad note when he was left out of the most recent "Jackass" installment. Back in 2021 during filming, Margera was abruptly fired from the project for an alleged breach of contract.

Margera reportedly failed a drug test when he tested positive for Attention Deficit Disorder drugs, for which he claimed to have a prescription. Margera fought back by suing the production company, along with a few producers and Paramount Pictures for forcing him to sign what he saw as an unfair contract, per The Hollywood Reporter. Because of his documented history of drug abuse, Margera's contract allegedly included a "wellness clause" that enabled the studio to drug test him whenever they wanted to and gave them the power to fire him if he tested positive for any form of narcotics. "I am pissed off, angry, hurt, and shattered that Johnny, Jeff, Spike, and the studios and producers ripped off my creativity, content and stunts to make this movie, fired me without justification, and refuse to pay for my work," Margera said in a statement, per Deadline.

Margera took the loss seriously and completed a full year in rehab in May. Just when it looked like Margera might have turned things around though, recent news of his post rehab behavior has begun to concern his fans.

Bam Margera is trying to get better

Bam Margera left rehab in May 2022 and spent the last couple of months front and center in the news for his bad behavior. By June, Margera had checked into a new rehab facility in Florida — per a court order — and within days he'd broken out, per Page Six. According to court documents, Margera told staff at the facility he wasn't satisfied with the treatment and would be checking himself into another center. He promptly left the facility, and the police were called.

Margera was located and checked back in a few weeks later, on June 25, he left again. According to videos obtained by TMZ, Margera went straight from the facility to a bar in Pompano Beach, FL where he reportedly had several alcoholic drinks. He then went to the hospital for an injured wrist. Upon leaving the hospital, he went to a strip club and then back to a friend's house. The video obtained by TMZ appears to show Margera passing out on a bed at his friend's place. Two days later, Margera was located by police at a local motel. He reportedly agreed to check back into rehab at the urging of his family.

Sources told the outlet that Margera was particularly emotional when he left rehab due to his recent split from his wife, Nikki Boyd. Boyd and Margera share a son, Phoenix, of whom Margera is in danger of losing custody. Boyd is reportedly seeking full custody of Phoenix with limited visitation rights for Margera.

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