Botched Star Paul Nassif Reveals Tragic Loss

If there's one thing we know about Paul Nassif, it's that he's a proud family man — and that's what makes his recent announcement nothing short of devastating. 

As one of the stars of "Botched" and a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum, Nassif is no stranger to sharing his life with fans. However, even when the cameras aren't rolling, a brief look through his Instagram is all one needs to get their fix. And amidst promotional posts about his latest surgeries, Nassif shares ample glimpses into his family life. Gushing posts over his twin boys, shared with ex-wife Adrienne Maloof. Emotional captions wishing his and Maloof's eldest son a happy birthday. Adorable posts about his youngest child and only daughter, baby Pauline, along with the proud hashtag, "#girldad." Oh, and did we mention the beautiful message sent to his wife Brittany Pattakos' way on Valentines Day?

Nassif may be a world-renowned surgeon, but when it comes down to it, his family is the most important part of his life. After all, as he shared in his birthday message to son Gavin — which happened to be on Father's Day this year — "Being a father is my most important job." In the same post, he also gave a shoutout to his own late father, thanking him for the impact he'd made on him. In light of Nassif's love of family, it's only understandable that a recent loss has rocked him to his core.

Paul Nassif describes losing his 'super hero'

On July 7, Paul Nassif took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news that his brother, Chris Nassif, had passed away. According to the "Botched" star, his brothers' passing came "unexpectedly." While he didn't offer details into what had happened, he penned a tear-jerking tribute instead.

"Nowadays, our world is obsessed with super heroes, but growing up ... he was mine," he said. Gushing that he had admired his older brother his entire life, Paul added a particularly devastating note, reminiscent of what he had shared in his joint birthday and Father's Day post. "He helped raise me." Paul also shared that Chris was his only brother — "and he was the best brother I could have asked for."

Over and above Chris' professional accolades, which were many (Paul mentioned that as a talent agent, his brother had represented Sofia Vergara and Ricky Martin, among others), what left the biggest mark on the surgeon was his commitment to family. "When push comes to shove, there is no one on this planet that will have your back like your big brother." Chris is survived by his son, model Ryan Nassif.

We're sending our love and condolences to the extended Nassif family during this time.