Luann De Lesseps Makes Bold Offer After Beanie Feldstein's Funny Girl Exit

Like most reality TV stars, Luann de Lesseps has a big personality. "The Real Housewives of New York City" star was never shy about her former title as Countess. She also has a penchant for music, which is why Bravo referred to her as the chanteuse of "RHONY." The star's website refers to her live performance career as a "wildly successful cabaret entertainer" in the list of titles de Lesseps has held through the years including that of a nurse, model, and philanthropist. With titles like "Money Can't Buy You Class," de Lesseps' music certainly has an air of drama.

When she released her song "Viva La Diva" in 2020, de Lesseps told People that she hoped her listeners could dig into their diva side through her new song. "Everyone has gone through hard times in their life, especially nowadays," de Lesseps told the magazine. "I believe the diva in all of us is what gets us through. Strength, courage and the ability to be the captain of your own ship without making excuses for being who we are." 

So, in the wake of the drama brought on by the revival of "Funny Girl" on Broadway, de Lesseps had something to say about being her own Broadway diva.

Can the Countess take Broadway?

When Beanie Feldstein announced her leave from her role as Fanny Brice in the "Funny Girl" revival on Broadway, there was a buzz around who would take over. Before Lea Michele was announced to be stepping in on July 11 (after many rumors that this would happen), Luann de Lesseps wanted to throw her hat into the ring. "The Real Housewives of New York" star, taking a cue from journalist Evan Ross Katz's tweet, said she would be game to step in. "Just call me. I'm in!" de Lesseps tweeted, tagging the "Funny Girl" Broadway team.

De Lesseps is no stranger to the NYC stage, having taken her cabaret show "Countess and Friends" to 54 Below in 2019, among other places. 54 Below is a major hub for Broadway stars as well as rising ones, so it only makes sense that she would have Broadway aspirations. Even so, Brice's character is also generally played by a woman a few decades The Countess' junior. Feldstein is 29, Michele is 35, and the great Barbra Streisand, who originated the role, was 21. That aside, keep those marquee dreams alive, Countess!