Insider Reveals Chris Rock's Reason For Passing On Emmys Hosting Gig

The 2022 Emmys are having a major hosting problem — or lack thereof.

The nominees for this year's award ceremony, which is set to air in September, have already been announced, but the main event has yet to find a host. Deadline reports that the Primetime Emmys producers have tapped two big names to serve as emcees: Chris Rock and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Both stars have prior links to NBC, with Rock having once been a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" and Johnson being an executive producer on the series "Young Rock," a series based on his younger days. Having this duo spearhead the event would surely make for an interesting night, but unfortunately, both declined the offer.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Johnson said that he appreciated being considered for the gig, but he can't find the time to squeeze it into his extremely packed calendar. "It was just schedule. I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing," he said. "That's all. That's really what it comes down to."

As for Rock, one might assume that he passed on the opportunity to avoid another #SlapGate, but per his reps, he had another reason for declining.

Chris Rock is focusing on his tour

Chris Rock seems to be in demand when it comes to award shows these days. Even after controversial hosting gig at the 2022 Oscars, where he was slapped by Will Smith following the joke he made about Jada Pinkett Smith, reports say he's being considered to reprise his hosting duties again next year. There's also a call for him to host the 2022 Primetime Emmys, but much like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he had to decline, not because he'd run the risk of another #SlapGate, but because of work commitments.

"He's in the middle of his tour and is preparing for the taping of his comedy special, which will be taping this fall," a source told Entertainment Tonight. His decision apparently has nothing to do with the controversy with Smith, but the comedian did joke about not wanting to discuss the incident unless he gets compensation. "I'm OK, I have a whole show and I'm not talking about that until I get paid. Life is good. I got my hearing back," he quipped.

With both Rock and Johnson out, the Emmys has two months to find a suitable host for the show. But, the production team did say that they're also considering the possibility of having a hostless program. "We're trying to figure that out," Television Academy chairman and CEO Frank Scherma shared with Deadline. "Right now Reggie and the Done + Dusted team are putting together some creative thoughts for us and getting them to all to us so that we can start looking at how we want to do this with a host or without a host and who would be the host."