Sarah Hyland Pinpoints The Moment When She Knew Wells Adams Would Be Her Husband

Sarah Hyland talked about her new career move as the host of "Love Island USA" and about finding love on the July 18 episode of the "Today" show. Hyland chatted with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager about her new hosting duties on the American reboot of the British reality dating show, launching on Peacock on July 19. Kotb asked Hyland if people can "really find love" on a reality show. The "Modern Family" star replied, "I think anything is possible. I believe in a form of love at first sight ... I think you have to grow love."

The racy reality show had to move to Peacock from CBS because of the show's "explicit nature," per Twitter. But Hyland said there is more to the reality dating show than just drama and its "explicit nature." In June, the American "Love Island" host told E! News, "I really love that the girls, for the most part, stick together and really bond and stand up for one another ... As a woman, I love it when I get to see that on television." But Hyland talked to "Today" hosts about more personal matters, and she pinpointed the moment when she knew Wells Adams would be her husband.

When Sarah Hyland knew Wells Adams was the one

Sarah Hyland spilled on "Today" that she told former "Bachelorette" contestant Wells Adams she wanted to get married a month after their first date! Hyland told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that she and Adams had been talking for months, but revealed, "On our first date, I said in my head, 'I'm going to marry this man.'" The "Modern Family" star joked that she "waited a cool month" to tell her future husband about her plan, but Adams wasn't even fazed and asked, "Okay, what kind of wedding do you want?"

The "Love Island USA" host said her first date with Adams was a party with the "Modern Family" cast the night before the Emmy Awards. Hyland explained, "I had a water in my hand and my purse in the other and he asked me if he could hold my purse for me. And I like recoiled in PTSD and I was like, 'Why? Why do you want to hold my purse?' And he's like, 'So you can dance more comfortably!' And I was like, I am going to marry this man." He sounds like a keeper.

So, when is the wedding? Hopefully sometime this year. Adams told ET Canada, "Listen, we've postponed it two years in a row. If something else crazy happens this year, then we're just going to go to Vegas." It worked for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez!