Pete Davidson Reveals He Sees Himself Completely Differently Than The Rest Of The World Does

Pete Davidson has been in a number of comedy shows and movies such as "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Trainwreck," per IMBd. In fact, he told Seth Meyers on "Late Night" (via Vulture) that "Trainwreck" is what got the comedian into the audition room for "Saturday Night Live". But as time went on, Davidson felt like he outgrew "Saturday Night Live" and announced his departure at the end of this past season.

"When I got the show I was 20 years old and I had no idea what I was doing," Davidson said in a statement that was posted to Instagram by his friend, Dave Sirus, on May 21. "I figured since I'm a stand up I'll just try my stand up and personal bits on Weekend Update as myself and I'm so glad I did ... Thank you for teaching me life values, how to grow up and for giving me memories that will last a lifetime ... SNL is my home."

According to Life & Style, Davidson talked publicly about potentially leaving "Saturday Night Live" in 2020, and creating rumors since then. The stand-up comedian became more versatile in his comedy through "Saturday Night Live," as he was seen partaking in more sketches and trying out impressions, per Variety. As he says goodbye to the comedy television show, he hopes that he can get away from one particular stereotype.

Pete Davidson is done with being portrayed as dumb

For eight years, "Saturday Night Live" fans saw Pete Davidson in small bits, mainly playing himself during Colin Jost and Michael Che's "Weekend Updates" segments. However, he also appeared in a number of sketches, reprising his role as Chad, who is characterized as an oblivious — some may even say idiotic — guy, which is what Davidson wants to branch out from.

"I have no idea what the f*** is going on ever," Davidson said on Kevin Hart's "Hart to Heart" show on July 14. "I feel like I did find some sort of a playing field where it became my thing, but now I feel like I'm out of place ... I'll do other shows, you come in and they have stuff written for you, and all the dialogue is like, 'I'm a big f****ing idiot!'"

According to Fansided, the comedian has projects lined up amid leaving "Saturday Night Live." He went back to his roots and released a stand-up comedy showcase on Netflix called "Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends." He is also working on a Peacock series called "Bupkis," in which Davidson will play "a fictionalized version" of himself alongside "The Sopranos" star Edie Falco, per Deadline. "Finally, I get to play an overwhelmed mother of two living in a world of corruption," Falco said, referencing her role as Carmela Soprano. "Except this time, it's Staten Island."