Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott's Rumored Wedding Registry Raises Major Questions

PR-wise, it hasn't been a great time for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. In July, Jenner faced major backlash after bragging about her private jets on Instagram, leading social media users to dub her a "climate criminal." The makeup mogul was then exposed by the @CelebJets Twitter account for taking short flights. In the wake of the scandal, Jenner did damage control by posting a TikTok that showed her shopping at Target with daughter Stormi and nieces Chicago and True. Maybe it was Jenner's bid to seem more relatable — but even that backfired. "Did u take another 3 minute private jet trip to get there?" one user sarcastically quipped. Meanwhile, Scott continues to come under fire for the Astroworld tragedy in which 10 concert-goers died. BuzzFeed News reports that the rapper is currently facing 400 different lawsuits for a combined $1 billion.

Despite all this, Jenner and Scott's relationship is stronger than ever, according to Entertainment Tonight. "They have the parenting thing down together and are more in love than ever before," a source told the outlet in June 2022. Whether it's decoding Jenner's diamond rings or wedding-esque Met Gala dress, fans are speculating whether the two will tie the knot anytime soon. As of July 21, there's a rumored wedding registry for Jenner and Scott floating around the internet, hinting at an upcoming marriage. Unfortunately for the pair, the wedding registry is only adding to the bad PR and raising more questions than answers.

Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner getting married?

Neither Kylie Jenner nor Travis Scott have announced an engagement, but we just got the biggest hint yet of their possible nuptials. Posting to a Kardashian subreddit, internet sleuths shared a link to a wedding registry titled "MOTHER GOOSE and CACTUS JACK's Registry," which has since been changed to "?????? and ???? JACK's Registry." Per HollywoodLife, Jenner has been known to refer to herself as "Mommy Goose," and previously posted to Instagram using the moniker. Cactus Jack is the name of Travis Scott's record label, and his real name is Jacques (Jack) Webster.

There were other clues that the registry belongs to Jenner and Scott, too. On July 20, Kim Kardashian posted a TikTok with Jenner, featuring them out at dinner with Khloé Kardashian and Jenner's friends, Anastasia Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer. Interestingly, all the girls wore black with the exception of Jenner, who was dressed in bridal white. Fans took to Reddit to discuss, theorizing that the dinner could have been a low-key bridal shower for the makeup mogul.

But whether or not Jenner and Scott are getting married, the discovery of their potential registry only made fans angrier about their blatant display of wealth. That's because, per Buzzfeed, the expensive registry includes luxury gifts like a Daum crystal statue priced at $36,750 and a chandelier retailing for $500,000. Jenner might have a long way to go before her PR storm blows over.