Leslie Mann's Youngest Daughter Looks Just Like The Star

Most people know Leslie Mann from the slew of comedies that she has starred in, like "Big Daddy," "This is 40," and "Funny People," just to name a few. The actor is also known for marrying producer and screenwriter Judd Apatow — and the pair are a match made in comedy heaven. According to Us Weekly, Mann and Apatow tied the knot in 1997 after they fittingly met on the set of Jim Carrey's "The Cable Guy." The couple now shares two children, daughters Maude and Iris Apatow. The girls have also both starred in films with their parents, according to Hey Alma.

It's easy to see that the family is close-knit, and Mann regularly gushes about her daughters in interviews. During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (via People), Mann told Fallon how proud she is of both Maude and Iris. "They're good girls. I don't know if you feel like this, but as a parent, when you're given these two little babies you don't want to like ruin them with bad parenting," Mann gushed to Fallon. "So it's a lot of pressure on us parents and, looking at them now, I feel like, 'Okay, maybe I didn't ruin them. Maybe they're okay.'" The actor also called the girls "good, kind-hearted people."

Mann also shares plenty of posts dedicated to her girls on Instagram, and it's safe to say that the family has great genes. However, one of Mann's children looks eerily similar to her mom — her daughter, Iris.

Leslie Mann and daughter Iris Apatow are twinning

Leslie Mann definitely boasts a strong resemblance to both her daughters. However, the star and her youngest daughter, Iris Apatow, look especially alike. Mann regularly shares photos of her daughters on Instagram, and it's easy to see that they mean a lot to her. But whenever she shares a photo of herself and Iris, fans can't help but comment on the uncanny resemblance.

On November 21, 2021, Mann shared a short video clip of herself and Iris. The pair was all smiles as they posed in several different positions. Many fans commented on the post to let Mann and her daughter know they look like twins, while several others just gushed over their beauty. "Stop it right now! The sweetest lil cherub in This is 40, which I swear came out just last year, is a grown a** beautiful woman!!! Wow!!!!" one fan gushed. "Mother/Daughter or sisters? One would never be able to tell I need the secrets you have Leslie on taking so young looking," another chimed in.

Even when Iris was just a baby, there was no denying her uncanny resemblance to her mama. In 2020, Mann posted a throwback shot of herself and Iris where Chuck E. Cheese made an appearance in the background. Once again, fans pointed out the resemblance. "Looks like your mini-me," one person wrote. "Speaking of families and lookalike kiddos," another social media user began their post. We love this mother-daughter duo!

Iris Apatow dabbles in the Hollywood dating scene

Iris Apatow is following in her mother's footsteps in more ways than one. It turns out the teen has also struck up a romance with someone famous in Kate Hudson's son, Ryder Robinson. Robinson shared two photos of with Iris on Valentine's Day in a since-deleted post. One photo captured Robinson planting a kiss on Iris' cheek. Robinson's mom and Iris' sister, Maude Apatow, commented on the upload.

Robinson also shared a series of images of himself and Iris on Instagram in April. One of the uploads captured the sweet duo dancing, and they looked as happy as could be. "Happy anniversary my love," Robinson wrote on the post, making sure to add a trio of red heart emoji at the end of his caption. Iris has been more shy about sharing their relationship on social media, but she did post a sweet selfie with Robinson in February.

The pair knew each other long before things went from a friendship to a relationship. "They both live on the westside part of L.A. and grew up there. They both attended the same school in Santa Monica. They've known each other for a while," a source told People of the romance. "It's a small, tight-knit celeb community over there. A lot of those kids have grown up together since they were really young." The couple hasn't posted about one another in a while, so it's unclear whether or not they're still together.