Nearly 30% Of Fans Agree On The Best Summer House Cast Member

The young, rich, and fabulous. They're just like us! They hang out and fall out with family and friends. They eat, drink and be merry. They take and break hearts, falling in and out of love. They fight, feud, and chillax. They work hard during the week and party the weekend away. However, when you're young, rich, and fabulous, you party the weekend away at a mansion in Montauk rather than a backyard in Mendota. Well, that's what cast members and their friends on "Summer House" do, anyway.

The hit show documents the ups, downs, and all-arounds of a group of wealthy New Yorkers during the summer months between Memorial and Labour Day. Each year, the elite ensemble hits the Hamptons to escape the stifling Manhattan heat and party like rock stars in a shared shingle-style by the beach. According to Bravo, after "hustling during the week in NYC," the friends enjoy "their weekends out East with epic parties, dramatic love triangles and of course, rosé all day."

"Summer House" is like "Jersey Shore," but with posh people, charity galas, ladies who brunch, extravagant dinner parties — and rosé instead of Jaeger bombs. So, it's nothing like "Jersey Shore," really. However, it does share the same level of drama-filled fights, romances, and betrayals. Boozy bust-ups, get-togethers, and people who love to clash and smash in equal degrees. Not surprisingly, viewers each have their favorite roomie, and nearly 30% of Nicki Swift readers agree on the best Summer House cast member.

Amanda Batula is the fans' summer dream

Nicki Swift readers were asked who their favorite "Summer House" cast member is. Out of 574 votes, nearly 30% were for Amanda Batula. She received 152 thumbs up, making for 26.48% of the total. Per Bravo, Batula appeared as the girlfriend of "Summer House" OG Kyle Cooke on Season 1 of the show. She became a permanent cast member in Season 2 and quickly won fans' hearts with her "outspoken personality and creativity," per her show bio.

Batula and Cooke's relationship became a major plotline as they kept everyone guessing about whether or not they'd ever make it down the aisle. Spoiler alert: They did, during Season 6, although Batula admitted to Andy Cohen that they didn't consummate the marriage on their wedding night. "We slept at my parents'," she revealed on "Watch What Happens Live."

Batula won the top spot, but it was a close race. Paige DeSorbo was the runner-up, scoring 24.04% with 138 votes. Batula's hubby came third to his wife — ouch. Cooke received 122 votes, equating to 21.25% of the total tally. Lindsay Hubbard was fourth with 108 votes (18.82%). So, that just leaves the fans' least favorite "Summer House" cast member. Drum roll. Carl Radke landed in the bottom spot with 9.41% of the votes, meaning a paltry 54 people were rooting for him. Hopefully, a lot more fans are rooting for his sobriety. According to Bravo, after a difficult battle with the booze, Radke's finally becoming "the best version of himself."