Donald Trump Doesn't Mince Words On Brittney Griner Controversy

Donald Trump says whatever is on his mind, which can sometimes mean disregarding facts. On July 31, Trump posted on Truth Social that President Joe Biden had dementia, not a COVID-19 rebound infection. In addition to this whopper, the former president added all his "greatest hits" into a social media message. "Joe Biden's second bout of Covid, sometimes referred to as the China Virus, was sadly misdiagnosed by his doctors. He instead has dementia, but is happily recovering well," Trump posted. "Joe is thinking of moving, part time, to one of those beautiful Wisconsin Nursing Homes, where almost 100% of the residents miraculously, and for the first time in history, had the strength and energy to vote — even if those votes were cast illegally."

It's been a busy few weeks in the Trump world overall. CNBC reported that the New York Attorney General postponed Trump's deposition after the former president's first wife, Ivana Trump, died. He held two MAGA rallies, and Trump's New Jersey golf course held a pro-am tournament for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league. The Washington Post reported that the presidential seal was "plastered" on towels and golf carts at the tournament, which is against the law to create "a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States."

But despite everything going on, the former leader still found time to comment on national news, and Trump didn't mince words on the ongoing Brittney Griner controversy.

Donald Trump makes wild false claim about Brittney Griner

Donald Trump made wild and false claims about Brittney Griner. The 45th president was asked about Griner, an American hostage of Russia, during an interview on "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show." The 76-year-old blasted the WNBA player as "spoiled" and told lies about Griner.

"She went in there loaded up with drugs into a hostile territory where they're very vigilant about drugs. They don't like drugs, and she got caught," Trump claimed. "She makes, you know, a lot of money, I guess. We're supposed to get her out for an absolute killer and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. Killed many Americans. Killed many people." We think Trump is referring to Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, the proposed prisoner that America will swap for Griner and Paul Whelan, per CNN.

According to TMZ, U.S. Congressman Colin Allred hit back at Trump. In an August 1 "TMZ Live" interview, Allred said, "For Donald Trump to call anybody spoiled is really rich." Congressman Allred said the former president doesn't know what he's talking about and that he believes that Griner is a "political pawn" for Russia. "This is not about her being some kind of spoiled person or trying to transport drugs or anything like that," Allred explained. "That's the Russian narrative. That's not the truth." ESPN reported that Griner told the Russian court she accidentally brought marijuana into the country that a doctor prescribed.