Madison Prewett's Engagement Ring Speaks To Her Fiance's Billionaire Background - Exclusive

Former "Bachelor" star Madison Prewett is engaged, and Bachelor Nation rejoices! Prewett posted photos of the proposal on Instagram and wrote, "7.31.22. You were worth the wait." The former "Bachelor" contestant wasn't kidding! Prewett's fiance Grant Troutt is a 26-year-old pastor and speaker, attributes which seem right up her alley, especially compared to former "Bachelor" Peter Weber, who did not share her values. Troutt proposed at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, according to People. Prewett told the outlet, "Grant was waiting for me and led me out to the beach, where he had candles and flowers and a Bible with my new name on it. And the ring of my dreams!" The Auburn grad added, "He is everything I have prayed for, waited for, and dreamed of my whole life."

A bonus to Prewett finding true love? Her adorable fiance is the son of Kenny Troutt, worth $1.5 billion. According to Forbes, the self-made billionaire founded Excel Communications, a long-distance phone company, in 1988, then sold it to Teleglobe for a whopping $3.5 billion in 1998. Forbes reported that the elder Troutt sponsored his sons' basketball teams, buying all the team jerseys and equipment, and even flying the team to tournaments on his private jet. The Troutt family patriarch is also passionate about horse racing and breeds champion Thoroughbreds. The Dallas billionaire's horse Justify won the Kentucky Derby in 2018!

A diamond expert shared his opinion about Prewett's ring with Nicki Swift exclusively, and her engagement ring speaks to her fiance's billionaire background.

Diamond expert says Madison Prewett's ring cost a pretty penny

Madison Prewett told People that her engagement ring was "the ring of my dreams!" According to Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, the ring is dreamy indeed! Fried told Nicki Swift exclusively, "Finding a high-quality diamond that's 8 carats is both difficult and expensive. Oval-cut diamonds are also considered a fancy shape which can make large diamonds even rarer. The elongated design offers supreme elegance, and Madison's ring is no exception." The diamond expert values Prewett's ring at an eye-popping high price. Fried said, "I'd estimate the value is at least a whopping quarter of a million dollars." You read that right. The former "Bachelor" contestant's ring cost a quarter of a million dollars.

Let's discuss Prewett's engagement ring, shall we? Her fiance Grant Troutt is a 26 year old pastor and speaker. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a pastor is $41,565 ... So we're guessing he was able to pay for such an extravagant engagement ring because he's the son of Kenny Trout. The young pastor's dad might be a billionaire now, but he came from humble beginnings. The elder Troutt was raised by a single mother who worked as a bartender and grew up in public housing in Mount Vernon, Illinois, per Forbes. 

With a pricey diamond ring and the man of her dreams, it looks like the former "Bachelor" star's best decision ever was splitting from Peter Weber!