Ellen Barkin's Unsealed Testimony Presents More Disturbing Claims About Johnny Depp

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The trial may be over, but the fallout is just beginning. The Washington Post published an op-ed from Amber Heard claiming she was a survivor of domestic abuse. Although Heard never used Depp's name, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor alleged that Heard's piece amounted to defamation and cost him millions of dollars in lost job opportunities, per New York Times. Depp hit Heard with a $50 million lawsuit and Heard responded with a $100 million lawsuit, alleging that her relationship with Depp was abusive and that he was defaming her by pretending otherwise.

After lots of back and forth and testimony from big-name celebrities like Depp's ex Kate Moss, the jury ruled in Depp's favor. Depp was ultimately awarded $15 million in damages, while Heard was ordered a mere $2 million, per CNN. Heard has appealed the court's decision. While she waits for a ruling, it seems like the court of public opinion, once so firmly on his side, could be turning on Depp.

During the closely watched trial, another one of Depp's A-list ex-girlfriends, actor Ellen Barkin, testified on behalf of Heard. Her testimony was finally unsealed earlier this week, and her insights into her time with Depp are shocking.

Ellen Barkin's testimony is horrifying

In recently unsealed testimony, Ellen Barkin revealed the details of her relationship with Johnny Depp. "He's a yeller, he is verbally abusive. And those things you can see," she said during her deposition, per the Daily Mail. Depp and Barkin were friends for years, but their relationship became romantic for a few months in the 90s. When the relationship changed, Barkin noticed a change in Depp. "He's just a jealous man, controlling, where are you going, who are you going with. What did you do last night," she explained. "I had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from having sex with a person who wasn't him."

Barkin claimed that the relationship was permeated with an air of violence and described multiple incidents in which Depp seemed dangerous. "He gave me a quaalude and asked me if I wanted to f***," she said of their first sexual encounter. The relationship came to a sudden end when Depp reportedly through a bottle at her during a heated argument while filming "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Barkin's deposition isn't the only testimony that has been unsealed after the trial, per Newsweek. Newly-released documents show that Depp and his team refused to wear masks to court, despite Amber Heard's request that they do to protect her child and pregnant sister. Other documents reveal that Depp may have attempted to alter photographic evidence admitted to the trial.