Anne Heche's Health Condition Takes Turn For The Worse

Anne Heche's health condition has become far more severe in the last couple of days following her involvement in a fiery car crash on August 5.

The actor had reportedly crashed her vehicle into a home in Los Angeles, which resulted in the house catching fire. Los Angeles Police Public Information Officer Jeff Lee told CNN that Heche's car was running at top speed when it collided with the residence. Meanwhile, a source close to the situation said that the Emmy award-winning actor sustained several injuries and had been transferred to an intensive care unit to recover. "She's lucky to be alive," the insider said. "She has severe burns and has a long recovery ahead. Her team and her family are still trying to process what led up to the crash."

A day after the crash, Heche's publicist released a statement saying that she is "currently in stable condition," and that her family is asking for everyone's "thoughts and prayers." However, days after their initial update, Heche's condition has reportedly gotten much worse.

Anne Heche is confirmed to be in a coma

It turns out Anne Heche isn't in stable condition, as a spokesperson for the actor revealed that she's currently in a coma. "Shortly after the accident, Anne Heche became unconscious, slipping into a coma and is in critical condition," they told the Los Angeles Times. "She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention."

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the horrific accident, but a source told ABC7 Eyewitness News that the police have tested Heche for drugs and alcohol. They reportedly issued a warrant to draw blood from the star as part of the investigation. However, the results could take weeks.

Additionally, there are also sources who told Page Six that the Los Angeles Police Department will be handing over the case to the Los Angeles City attorney, who then could slap Heche with hit-and-run charges. "The info we received this morning was a warrant was obtained the same day as the traffic collision, which was August 5. The warrant was to draw blood, and an investigation is ongoing pending the blood test results," a representative for the LAPD told Page Six. "If found intoxicated, [Heche] could be charged with misdemeanor DUI hit and run. No arrests have been made so far."