Hilaria Baldwin Slams An Eyebrow-Raising Rumor About Her Pregnancy

Rumors and speculation have shrouded Hilaria and Alec Baldwin as they await the arrival of their seventh child together. After the couple had a chance meeting at a restaurant in New York in 2011, the actor and the then-yoga teacher hit it off and got married in 2012, per Us Weekly. With the birth of their first child in 2013, Hilaria and Alec went on to rapidly expand their family with a total of six children by 2021 (seven including Alec's daughter from his previous marriage, Ireland).

But everything in Alec's life changed in October 2021 on the set of his film "Rust" when his firearm allegedly accidentally discharged a bullet. This tragically resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. According to Fox News, criminal charges for the "Rust" shooting are pending as the police wait for the analysis of forensic evidence. So all eyes have been on the Baldwins.

In March 2022, Hilaria and Alec announced that Hilaria was pregnant. But due to the ongoing press coverage of the "Rust" investigation, the optics of Hilaria and Alec's announcement raised suspicions online. In response, Hilaria is now speaking out about the rumors in a surprising way.

Hilaria Baldwin shows evidence disproving the fake baby rumors

After their pregnancy announcement, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's joyful news quickly became fodder for the rumor mill. BuzzFeed reported that a community on Reddit accused Hilaria of wearing a fake baby bump in photos. But on August 10, Hilaria actually played into the online gossip. In a mirror selfie she posted on her Instagram Story, Hilaria wears a floor-length maternity dress that has her far-along baby bump front and center.

"My friends made a good point about my belly ... It kind of looks fake ... like I ate a ball," Hilaria wrote with a crying-laughing emoji at the end. "I guess the psycho conspiracy theorists online with way too much time on their hands have somewhat of a point here." She then jokingly encouraged people to theorize "what kind of ball it was that [she] ate," including a ball made of chocolate. In a later Story post, Hilaria captured what seemed to be her baby kicking her belly. She wrote over the video, "As an analytic Capricorn, I have to point out a glitch in the chocolate ball theory. It moves."

So ... conspiracy theory disproven? Hilaria has spoken in the past about her experiences with miscarriages, so the couple was clearly serious about getting pregnant. Plus, a gynecologist told Health that pregnant stomachs "come in all different shapes and sizes," so Hilaria's unique belly shape doesn't necessarily mean she's wearing a silicone baby bump placeholder.