Dorit Kemsley Goes Off On Those Mauricio Umansky Cheating Rumors

The Kemsley family has had enough of Dana Wilkey's antics.

Back in February, PK Kemsley made an effort to call out Wilkey's habit of spreading lies about him and Dorit Kemsley. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star called Wilkey the "c*** of the month" for purposely spreading lies that hurt his family and overall reputation. PK pointed out how Wilkey alleged that he had an affair with a "32-year-old Jewish girlfriend," with whom he was spending time with while his wife had experienced a home invasion back home. He also denied Wilkey's claim that he had used "insurance monies from the home invasion" to settle with the Bellagio hotel, as the issue had been resolved two years ago. PK went on to ask Wilkey to refrain from spreading any more rumors, lest she want to be challenged in court.

But it looks like Wilkey hasn't learned her lesson because, this time around, she's trying to perpetuate the rumor that PK and Dorit are having marriage problems.

Dana Wilkey claims that Dorit Kemsley and Mauricio Umansky are having an affair

On Instagram, Dana Wilkey posted a Photoshopped image of Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards' husband, Mauricio Umansky, hugging. The image reads "an affair to remember," implying that Dorit is having an affair with her best friend's husband. The star got wind of the post fast, and in the comments section, she didn't hold back on her words.

"Is something wrong with you woman? Or are you just so miserable in your life you have nothing better to do?" she asked Wilkey, adding that she's one of the "thirstiest" people she's ever seen. Dorit said that Richards and Umansky are their family friends, with her kids calling them uncle and auntie. "Do you think this is ok for my kids to see when it's a disgusting lie?" she continued. "If this is the only way you can make a buck then so be it but at least have some decency and stop trying to peddle false narratives especially when you know there is ZERO truth behind it." Unlike her husband, PK, Dorit didn't threaten Wilkey with a lawsuit, but instead told her that her actions are "bound to bite you in the a** inevitably."

Dorit and PK are no strangers to rumors about marital problems, but Dorit has time and time again underscored the fact that they're going strong. "I'd like to stay married to PK for the rest of my life," Dorit told Us Weekly in April 2021 about renewing their vows. "I think if you have a strong marriage, then that's what stands the test of time."