Seth Rogen Reveals Jonah Hill Didn't Immediately Hit It Off With One Superbad Co-Star

Back in 2007, moviegoers were first introduced to the coming-of-age comedy "Superbad." Written by beloved comedian Seth Rogan, the film follows friends — Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) — as they seek to lose their virginity before graduating high school. Upon its release, the film became an instant hit with critics and made a lasting mark in pop culture (who could forget Christopher Mintz-Plasse's hilarious portrayal of Fogell, a.k.a. McLovin?). In a 2020 interview with LADBible, Rogan reflected on the film, stating, "I'm unbelievably proud of it, it really holds up people still watch it, high school kids come up to me telling me that they watched it for the first time and how they loved it."

With the film celebrating its 15th anniversary, the cast and creators of "Superbad" shared new details about the movie's legacy and behind-the-scenes secrets during an interview with Vanity Fair. However, one of the most surprising details of the sit down was the animosity between Hill and Mintz-Plasse.

Jonah Hill immediately disliked Christopher Mintz-Plasse during Superbad filming

Over the years, "Superbad" has remained a cult classic amongst comedy fans for its outrageous storylines and the actors' hilarious chemistry. However, in a new Vanity Fair interview celebrating the film's 15th anniversary, Jonah Hill revealed that he didn't care much for his co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse. "Chris was really, really amazing off the bat," he told the news outlet. "And I think he was really annoying at the time."

In the same interview, co-writer Seth Rogan confirmed Hill's comments: "Jonah immediately hated him. He was like, 'That was f***ing with my rhythm. I couldn't perform with that guy.'" Judd Apatow, who produced the film, added, "Jonah said, 'I don't like that guy. I don't want him doing it.' And I said, 'That's exactly why we're hiring him. It couldn't be more perfect. The fact that it bothers you is exactly what we want.'"

Even though there was animosity between Hill and Mintz-Plasse, their infectious on-screen chemistry was undeniable to the film's casting directors. "When [Mintz-Plasse] read with Michael and Jonah, he just felt right," said the film's casting associate Dorian Frankel (per Insider). Despite their rocky relationship, the two have since worked on numerous projects together, including "How To Train Your Dragon" and "This Is The End."