Man Who Lost Loved Ones In Kobe Bryant Crash Reveals Debilitating Fear

The horror helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight other souls, including his teenage daughter, Gianna Bryant, has been brought back into the spotlight after Kobe's wife, Vanessa Bryant, sued Los Angeles County over claims members of the police department had taken gruesome pictures at the scene of the crash and showed them to people, including once in a bar to a bartender (via ABC 7).

The case regarding the alleged serious breach entered the courtroom in August, and some extremely gruesome and graphic depictions about what the crash scene really looked like have come to light since then. The details have been so grisly that USA Today reported Vanessa had to leave the courtroom on one occasion, as well as deciding not to even enter the room as the horrific descriptions were made three times in the first three days of the trial.

Vanessa is joined in the case by Chris Chester, who lost two loved ones in the crash. Chris sadly lost his wife, Sarah Chester, and their daughter, Payton, who was just 13-years-old at the time. Now, Chris is speaking out during the court case about the horrific ordeal he's been dealing with and sharing one of the thing that worries him the most in the wake of the unimaginable tragedy.

Chris Chester is terrified of the Kobe Bryant crash photos seeing the light of day

Chris Chester has gotten very candid about his biggest fear, sharing that he lives every single day worrying those gruesome photos of the crash scene could find themselves in the public domain. The photos — which are reported to show body parts mangled in the crash — were reportedly found on more than 30 devices owned by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and other first responders, per People.

Chris spoke publicly about the crash and losing his loved ones for the first time during his testimony on August 18, recalling that he started to get worried after he texted his wife, Sarah Chester, and daughter but didn't get a response. He then recalled hearing about the crash, but presumed his loved ones may have been hurt but not killed, before detailing the heartwrenching moment he and Vanessa Bryant were told that no one had survived the crash. "My life will never be the same," he said (via People), explaining how he was made to feel sadness all over again after learning about the crash scene images. "It's fearful, the level of unknowns. I'm fearful all the time every day," he added.

Chris's testimony about his greatest fear almost mirrored a statement read by Vanessa's lawyer during the opening day of the trail. They claimed, per TMZ, that Vanessa too lived in never ending worry about the photos leaking, as she broke down in the courtoom.