One Of The Last People To See Anne Heche Alive Addresses His Remorse

In the week since Anne Heche's death, friends, family, and fans alike have come out in droves to pay their respects to the actor. Heche died on August 12 after a week-long coma, following injuries from a car accident that attracted nationwide attention. In a public statement obtained by People, her oldest son, Homer Laffoon, said, "After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness." Heche's second husband, actor James Tupper, posted a photo of her with the caption "Love you forever," while late 90s ex Ellen Degeneres tweeted, "This is a sad day. I'm sending Anne's children, family and friends all of my love."

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Heche's official cause of death was smoke inhalation and thermal injuries from the crash, with "blunt trauma" also observed, per People. Although her death was officially ruled an accident, some people are still eager to point fingers and find the blame for the tragic situation that could have been avoided. After facing the heat, one of the last people Heche interacted with is ready to speak up.

A celebrity stylist feels guilt over the incident

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, celebrity stylist Richard Glass spoke about his meeting with Anne Heche on August 5, the same day as the actor's fatal crash. Just hours before, Heche entered his salon, Glass Hair in Venice, California. Two weeks removed from their encounter, Glass is still beating himself up, recounting the moment in tears: "I feel a huge remorse ... I feel like I didn't do everything I was supposed to keep her here, to protect her. This woman, she needed help and I wasn't there enough."

Of the pair's first and only meeting, Glass was initially all smiles. He posted a photo with Heche on Instagram with the caption "So I met @anneheche today and she purchased a #redwig so random.. I love," oblivious to the tragedy that would soon occur. According to Glass, some have blamed him for not doing more and even accused him of having something to do with her impaired state: "They're saying that she could have gotten the cocaine or fentanyl from me because I was the last person to see her. I've never done any type of drug, I don't do that, I'm not that type of person."

As for why he didn't take more action, Glass said In an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight, "[Heche] wasn't speaking in cursive, I say that when people are impaired ... But she wasn't, she was very, very cordial. Very personable and very polite."

Richard Glass insists Anne Heche didn't appear impaired

Celebrity stylist Richard Glass had no idea of the backlash he would face by posting the photo of himself and Anne Heche on August 5. He told the Los Angeles Times that he hadn't even known that it was Heche when she first walked in. He said he'd initially thought she was the actor Lori Petty, one of his clients. Glass only realized who Heche was when she paid for the wig.

He carried on by saying that the actor appeared to be "a sweet little girl" and that she embraced his face and asked if he had cut her hair before. Glass told her he hadn't, but he'd love to work with her sometime in the future. He admitted the encounter was "strange" and a tad "bizarre," but insisted Heche didn't seem to be in an "altered" state from drinking or taking drugs.

Richard Glass battles speculation he caused Anne Heche to become impaired

Richard Glass has been forced to go on the offensive following speculation he was somehow responsible for causing Anne Heche to become impaired before her fatal crash. Glass tweeted links to his interview with the Los Angeles Times and  with the New York Post to his 1,000 followers, with users taking to the comment section to bolster the stylist.

Glass told The Post he could never have imagined the horrific events that would later follow their encounter, as Heche definitely didn't seem to be under the influence of anything. He said the actor was charming and delightful. "She was polite, cordial, and engaging, and she was coherent," Glass shared.

The stylist's friends, clients, and strangers rallied to defend him on social media. "I am sickened that anyone would have the audacity to blame you for anything regarding her accident & death. You did NOT cause this!" one tweeted, begging him to ignore all the haters and the trolls. Another blessed Glass for giving Heche a "moment" of fun and "happiness" before she met her tragic death.