Lawyer Reveals What's Really Dragging Out Kim And Kanye's Divorce - Exclusive

In February 2021, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West after years of speculation regarding their marriage. Citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split, the reality television star seemed dedicated to maintaining an amicable dynamic with West, with whom she shares four children.

However, the divorce between Kardashian and West quickly took a dramatic turn. While the rapper's behavior toward his ex-wife started escalating shortly after the divorce, things came to a head when Kardashian began dating Pete Davidson. He infamously called for Kardashian to take him back, stating if they got back together, "millions of families that are going to be influenced to see that they can overcome the work of the separation." Additionally, West's social media accounts were flooded with insults towards the "Saturday Night Live" star, and he featured Davidson's likeness being decapitated in a music video.

"Kanye's actions are causing a lot of stress for her," a source close to Kardashian told Entertainment Tonight. "She wants him to stop and not have the kids hear anything or be affected negatively by his antics." Moreover, Kardashian is officially single, but the reality star and her ex are still locked in custody and financial battles in the courtroom.

Kanye West is said to be a difficult client

Despite it being over a year since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, the two remain locked in legal proceedings. One of the key complications is West's rotating cast of lawyers. In early August, a judge granted a petition from Samantha Spector — West's fifth divorce attorney — to step down from the case, citing "an irreconcilable breakdown" in their relationship, per Billboard.

"People like Kanye West have a terrible time with the law, because his personality is one that does not follow anyone else's rules or prohibitions," award-winning attorney Holly R. Davis of of Austin-based Kirker Davis LLP told Nicki Swift exclusively. "They are simply not accustomed to following such rules, especially when it comes to their own children, their money, and their relationships." She then elaborated that the most likely cause of West running through lawyers is a refusal "to follow legal advice, and/or ask the lawyer to pursue legal strategies that the lawyer knows are problematic, unethical, or just not advisable."

Davis, an expert in high asset divorce proceedings, further explained, "If he continues to think that he is above the law, and if he continues to represent himself, he may be at risk of losing out" both financially and in terms of custody. His erratic public behavior combined with his inconsistent legal approach presents Kardashian as the more capable and sympathetic parent in the eyes of the law.

Kim Kardashian takes the high road

As for how Kim Kardashian should handle the custody drama, the best thing she can do is remain above the fray. Attorney Holly R. Davis explained to Nicki Swift exclusively that "the fact that Kim has not stooped to Kanye's level in the divorce" and instead behaved "as a reasonable, rational, and healthy parent will ultimately benefit her in a trial," something "she is 100% aware of."

"When a court is faced with two competing arguments — one by a person on their fifth lawyer who refuses to participate in the proceedings and follow rules, versus one from a rule-following, rational, compassionate, and level-headed mother, the decision will be an easy one to make," Davis continued. She then shifted to discussing what course of action would help Kardashian "get out of the never-ending loop of divorce proceedings." Instead of waiting around for West to get his act together, Davis advises that the reality star "set hearings in front of the judge to reach resolutions without Kanye's agreement." Regardless of West's representation in court, a trial is likely, and Davis "predict[s] that hearing will be a loss for Kanye on many levels."

As for team Kardashian, she's kept quiet regarding the recent shape up. However, according to Rolling Stone, Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, has "been ready for quite a while" and has "a stipulated judgment drafted." With all the legal shakeups, she's "just trying to get someone to pay attention." Per Davis's advice, the time to wait on West may have come and gone — if he doesn't make his legal deadlines, that's not Kardashian's fault.