Olivia Munn's Latest Parenting Woe Has Her Celeb Friends Stepping Up

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney were reportedly in no rush to take their relationship to the next level after connecting at a Los Angeles church in early 2021. "This is very new, they're taking it slowly," a source told People that May. But that's not exactly what happened. Just four months later, Munn and Mulaney announced they were expecting a child together, the comedian confirmed on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" in September. Munn gave birth to their son, Malcolm, on November 24, she shared on Instagram. Okay, they weren't exactly taking their sweet time with the relationship. 

In fact, the timing of their baby's arrival made Munn and Mulaney's relationship rather controversial. That's because Mulaney announced his separation from his wife, artist Anna Marie Tendler, in May and filed for divorce in July, People reported. Tendler's statement about it didn't help his case. "I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage," she said. If math is on our side, Munn was well past the halfway point in her pregnancy by then.

Regardless of when and how they were struck by the cupid's arrow, Munn and Mulaney are stronger than ever. She often shares snippets of father and son bonding time on her Instagram, showing they both are enjoying their parenthood journey — and all the ups and downs that come with it. Lately, they've been going through a rough patch, which prompted Munn to request help from her loved ones. And they didn't disappoint. 

Olivia Munn is dealing with Malcolm's teething

Not all is well in Olivia Munn's parenting dreamland. Rather, she has found herself in a place that resembles the opposite. "I'm in teething tunnel nightmare," she wrote over an Instagram clip that slowly zooms into her unamused face. In the background, the Beatles' "Help" offered the perfect soundtrack for the occasion. Munn also used the caption to inform her friends that this is the reason she has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth lately. "This will also serve as a group text to anyone I haven't texted back," she explained. "Will get back to you in however long it takes for this tooth to come out."

Friends and fans alike took the cue offered by the song, going to the comments section to offer advice. "Hyland's teething tablets. Freeze a wash cloth dipped in chamomile tea and let him chew on that. The banana teether brush thingy," Alyssa Milano promptly suggested. When they had no practical solutions, they sent out words of encouragement. "And this too shall pass. Promise," Boris Kodjoe wrote. Others were, well, less helpful. "Girl. Wait til 4 year old tantrum!! I'm in hell right now!" Brianne Davis said.

But Munn is embracing all of it. And all in all, Malcolm sounds like a really good baby. He was even getting a whopping 12 hours of shuteye at 6 months old, she revealed in a May Instagram post. "You lit up our whole world," she gushed.