Fans Are Going Wild For Bad Bunny's On-Stage Kiss At The 2022 VMAs

From Nicki Minaj's video vanguard performance, to Lizzo checking her critics during her acceptance speech for best video, the MTV Video Music Awards were full of memorable moments. Bad Bunny, who took home the VMA for artist of the year, had a particularly eventful night. During a night full of viral moments, the Puerto Rican singer and rapper definitely set social media ablaze, an impressive feat given that the artist didn't even attend the event in the flesh. Rather, the two-time Grammy Award-winner made an appearance via telecast and performed from Yankee Stadium, per The Hollywood Reporter.

During his lively performance of "Tití Me Preguntó," the Puerto Rican star surprised the crowd when, near the end of the song, he pulled two of his dancers in for a kiss. Much to the crowd's delight, one dancer was female while the other was male, per MTV. Over the years, the rapper and singer has proven himself to be a fierce advocate and ally for the LGBTQ+ community (via Pink News). Needless to say, Bad Bunny's bold move sparked much discussion across social media  — plenty of it positive, while some of it ... not so much.

Bad Bunny's kiss goes viral

Within minutes of his performance, Bad Bunny's on-stage kiss spread to every corner of social media. Naturally, fans of the singer had much to say about his bold move with another dancer. Many fans championed the "Party Singer" for promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity on such a large, far reaching platform. However, not all of the reactions have been positive, prompting one fan to tweet out a passionate defense: "Bad bunny can kiss whoever he wants, he does not need to explain it to anyone. World needs to relax." 

Some supported the kiss, but were torn about the artist's possible motives. "Bad Bunny kissing a man feels very much like performative queerbaiting, but also probably has the benefit of destigmatizing queer male sexuality, even if he isn't queer himself," tweeted one user. Several users also discussed the comparisons between Bad Bunny and Harry Styles, who's also faced queerbaiting accusations, according to Variety. As for Bad Bunny, even though he declared that he was "heterosexual" and "liked women" during a 2020 with the Los Angeles Times, he previously stated that his sexuality "does not define" him. "At the end of the day, I don't know if in 20 years I will like a man," he said (via HitC). "One never knows in life."

Interestingly enough, one fan treaded neutral ground, merely noting that Bad Bunny's double kiss occurred on the anniversary of Madonna's dual kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, which happened on August 28, 2003.