Matchmaker Reveals Major Prediction For Adele's Future With Rich Paul - Exclusive

Adele is the grand dame of heartbreak hits. She launched her career with emotional angst-riddled split songs, and, like Taylor Swift, it's guaranteed you'll be musically immortalized if you date and break up. Per Metro, "19" was about Adele's first case of heartache. It included the break-out tune "Chasing Pavements," along with the signature video of Adele staring moodily and longingly into the distance.

"21" was next, skyrocketing her career and cementing Adele's spot in performance history. She's never revealed the identity of the man who tore her heart to shreds. Still, it's believed to be the photographer Alex Sturrock. "25" was more about romance and joy, albeit still overbrimming with emotion. "30" was all about Adele's divorce from her longtime boyfriend-turned-hubby and baby daddy, Simon Konecki. It takes a brave man willing to wine and dine the Brit — or one who never listens to music. Say hello to Rich Paul.

Adele's relationship with Paul went public after they were snapped together at a basketball game in October 2021. A week later, she shared they'd been friends "for a while," but things turned romantic in the run-up to her dad's death. "Rich just incredibly arrived," Adele told Vogue, admitting he soothes her and helps keep her calm. "I don't feel anxious or nervous or frazzled. It's quite the opposite." So is there an album brewing in the future, or has she found her one? A matchmaker gave Nicki Swift an exclusive prediction for Adele's future with Paul.

Matchmaker predicts bright future for Adele and Rich Paul

Adele took her lyrical love of romantic anguish to new heights with her "divorce" album. "The artist is known for her intensely personal songs, but "30" is so intimate that it makes even her previous records feel a bit clinical," The New Yorker wrote. "30" was released in November 2021, shortly after Adele went public with new boo, Rich Paul. The singer was rocking a massive sparkler in February, sparking engagement speculation.

"I'm definitely open to marriage again," Adele admitted in an interview with John Mayer. "I definitely am. The feeling I had in being married was the safest feeling I've ever had in my life. Sadly, it didn't work out." In Rori Sassoon's opinion, it could be second time lucky for Adele — and Sassoon should know, given that she's co-owner of the matchmaking agency Platinum Poire.

"Adele and Rich Paul have had a consistently healthy relationship for over a year. Rich Paul is incredibly successful in his own right, as an A-list sports agent," Sassoon told Nicki Swift. "Adele is one of music's brightest and most well-known singers. Together, they put the power in power couple." The relationship expert said she wouldn't have hesitated to match the two if they were clients. "They both are parents, established in their careers, and are ready to settle down with someone who brings meaning to their respective worlds." Sassoon said Adele's Instagram feed shows "she is unabashedly head over heels in love!" In fact, Sassoon predicted an engagement by the end of the year.