How Addison Rae Reportedly Feels About Her Parents' Public Relationship Drama

It's pretty common for kids to be embarrassed by their parents, but TikTok star Addison Rae's parents are giving other adults a run for their money. The family's drama came to a head in July, when Page Six broke the news of Rae's father Monty Lopez's affair with a 25-year-old woman named Renée Ash. "Unfortunately, he misled me on his marriage," Ash explained. "He told me that we were going to be together and have babies together ... He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were in the process of getting a divorce." People would later confirm that Lopez and his wife Sheri Easterling were, in fact, no longer together. Upon learning of the affair, Easterling released her own social media statement (via Page Six) that positioned her children as her priority. As for Rae, she didn't address the messy affair directly but instead threw herself into feel-good activities like Pilates.

August brought a whole new wave of drama. The VMAs are known for their potential to shock viewers — whether it's Miley Cyrus' twerk heard around the world or Lil Nas' choice in headdresses — but Easterling took the opportunity to make an appearance with her new beau: rapper Yung Gravy. The pair promptly sent the Internet (and Lopez) into meltdown mode by making out on the VMAs carpet. Rae was noticeably absent from the event, but new reports are emerging that show what she really thinks about her mom's PDA exchange with Gravy.

Addison Rae is 'embarrassed' by her parents' love lives

Addison Rae hasn't spoken publicly about her mother's budding romance with a man 17 years her junior, but sources close to the star say that she's not happy about it. "Addison is embarrassed by her parents at this point and trying to keep her distance from them. She's trying to stay grounded and focused on the projects she's working on. She doesn't want them to impact her future," an insider told ET. In the wake of her father, Monty Lopez's shirtless dance moves on Instagram, Rae has even unfollowed both of her parents on social media.

"Addison has seen her parents go through a lot of ups and downs over the years, but everything going on right now has been particularly overwhelming for her," another source shared with Page Six. This was clear even before Easterling stepped out with Yung Gravy. In July, Rae cryptically admitted to "struggling" on Twitter and canceled a press day. Still, ET reports that she's doing her best to ignore the drama.

Another star determined not to let the haters get to him? Yung Gravy. The rapper told ET that he's "not worried" about the fallout from his romance with Easterling. Instead, he spoke candidly about his preference for older women. "[MILFs are] more experienced. They are an under-serviced community I'd like to say and they deserve more attention," he said, of his decision to bring Easterling to the VMAs as his date.