Rachel Bilson And Chace Crawford Finally Address Relationship Rumors

Two of the biggest TV actors of the 2000s, Rachel Bilson and Chace Crawford, are clearing up past rumors that the two once dated. 

Bilson rose to fame through playing Summer Roberts in "The O.C.," while Crawford became a household name as he portrayed Nate Archibald in another fan-favorite '00s show, "Gossip Girl." As the two became some of the most talked-about celebs in Hollywood, the tabloids pursued stories about their dating lives. In 2012, Crawford opened up about dealing with headlines related to his romantic unions. "I have friends that are girls, and I'll go out. And I just kind of make a big joke of it if it's in the papers," Crawford said in an interview with On Demand Entertainment.

Back in 2008, Bilson was asked about whether it was tough to maintain her dating life as a public figure an in interview with OK! Magazine. "I try to live my life under the radar. I don't comment on my personal romantic life," Bilson said. Now, Bilson and Crawford are letting fans know what exactly happened between them back in the day.

Rachel Bilson and Chace Crawford are longtime pals

Actors Rachel Bilson and Chace Crawford are friends who don't let the rumors get to them. The two recently sat down for an interview on Bilson's "Broad Ideas" podcast, which she hosts with her friend, Olivia Allen. During the conversation, Bilson addressed a past rumor that she and Crawford, whom she's known for "a very long time," dated in the 2000s. "Someone saw us talking or something, and the press went with, 'Oh, did Rachel and Chace hook up?'" Bilson said to Crawford. Bilson's publicist then approached the actor about the news story, and Bilson told her to "kill this rumor," as she was "on a break from [her] serious relationship." This led to the press publishing a "fabricated" message from Bilson's publicist that came across harsher than Bilson had intended.

"They printed it, but it had a quote from my publicist, like, 'This is completely fabricated ... ' and I'm like, 'Wait that is so mean. I would never want to do that to Chace!'" Bilson said. In response, Crawford called Bilson "so nice" and said that he "didn't even realize" this gossip was going on at the time. Crawford added that he "would have been thrilled" if the public thought he and Bilson were an item. 

As for their current relationship statuses, in a July 2022 interview, Bustle revealed that Crawford is single, while Bilson is reportedly dating Zac LaRoc, whom she was seen with in May, per the Daily Mail.