Everything We Know About Soccer Star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Disturbing Robbery

It's a dangerous time to be a celebrity. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the latest famous person to befall a gang of burglars. According to ESPN, the famed soccer star was at his Casteldeffels home with his wife and children when a group of armed robbers broke in. Into addition various firearms, the criminals also had iron bars at their disposal. During the break-in, Aubameyang sustained serious injuries to his face, most urgent a fractured jaw. On August 31, Aubameyang took to Twitter to address the situation. "Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the messages," wrote the professional athlete. On Sunday night, some violent cowards broke into our home and threatened my family and my children, just to steal some stuff. They injured my jaw but I will recover in no time, and thank God no one else was physically harmed."

According to David Orenstein, a football correspondent, Aubameyang's injuries could impact a current deal he was negotiating. "Aubameyang Intensive talks over Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Barcelona to Chelsea continue today. Complicated by 33yo suffering broken jaw during home robbery – expected to be out for a number of weeks. Loan also being considered," tweeted Orenstein. 

While details of this robbery are still developing, we do know a bit about what exactly occurred. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his wife were handcuffed

Even though Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his family walked away without any life-threatening injuries, the entire ordeal sounds very traumatizing. ESPN reported that the burglars handcuffed Aubameyang, along with his wife and kids, as the burglary took place. Per a report by El Pais (via the Daily Mail), the thieves forced Aubameyang to empty out a safe filled with jewelry and other expensive goods after gaining access to the property by sneaking into the garden. Then, once inside, they stormed the place with guns and metal bars. Before the criminals escaped in a white Audi, they hit Aubameyang in the jaw with a metal bar and struck his wife, Alysha Behague, in the head.

Despite the injuries, the same report states that Aubameyand and Behague refused medical treatments, as to not further scar their children. At press time, the suspects are still at large. Following Aubameyang's home invasion, his team moved him and his family into a luxury hotel. 

While there's no confirmed relationship, Aubameyang's incident occured just one week after his fellow teammate, Robert Lewandowski, suffered the loss of a very expensive watch while out training.