Jennifer Lopez Reveals Stressors Leading Up To Magical Ben Affleck Wedding

Newlyweds Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck probably had the fairytale wedding of the year, complete with a gorgeous venue, stunning looks, and top-tier musical performances. However, like most weddings, it wasn't without its share of hiccups.

Though the two initially tied the knot in Las Vegas, they had a more lavish wedding ceremony on August 20. The grand affair was held at Affleck's 87-acre estate in Georgia, with family and friends in attendance to celebrate the happy couple. Lopez, in true diva form, even broke out three different looks for the event! Per E! News, she also serenaded Affleck with a song during the celebration. However, the special moment was, unfortunately, later leaked by a wedding guest. "This was taken without permission. Period. And whoever did it took advantage of our private moment," Lopez commented on Instagram (via Marie Claire). But, besides the leak, it had appeared that all went well for the couple's second wedding.

Turns out, though, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows leading up to the wedding. The singer recently admitted that there were some big setbacks that could have ruined the couple's big day.

Jennifer Lopez wasn't worried about her wedding woes

In her popular fan newsletter, On The J Lo, Jennifer Lopez kept it real with subscribers about the days leading up to her wedding ceremony with Ben Affleck. According to the singer's account, there was a thunderstorm every night at sunset that week before the event. Apparently, that was around the exact time the couple was set to wed that coming Saturday.

J.Lo also dealt with the intense heat, bugs, and other little details concerning the guests. "Oh, and all of us caught a stomach bug and were recuperating 'til late in the week, that, and along with a few other unexpected setbacks, had all the makings of a doozie of a wedding weekend," the "Hustlers" actor explained. Per People, Affleck's mother, Christopher Anne Boldt, also suffered a leg injury and had to be treated at a local hospital the day before the ceremony.

However, Lopez continued to stay positive and had "never had one doubt" that all would go well. And it did! When the big day arrived, the sky was clear and the sun shined bright! The bride even surprised Affleck when singer Marc Cohn performed the couple's favorite song "True Companion," as Lopez walked to meet her groom. "Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past finally lifted off our shoulders. Full-circle — and not at all the way we planned it. Better," the singer ended the newsletter. Cheers to love!