Tori Spelling Adds More Fuel To Dean McDermott Split Rumors

It's been a wild ride for husband and wife Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

The high-profile couple tied the knot in 2006, went on to have five children, filmed two reality television shows together, weathered a cheating scandal, and even renewed their vows in an over-the-top ceremony at a private residence in Beverly Hills. "This is a rebirth," Spelling gushed to Us Weekly in 2010 about the recommitment ceremony. "We've gone through our ups and downs, but we wouldn't have changed a moment of it." And in 2020, all seemed well between the spouses as they rang in their 14th year of marriage. "My partner in crime and my best friend. You are an amazing papa bear and I love that you always have my back no matter what!" Spelling penned in a sentimental Instagram post (via Us Weekly). "Thank you for loving me and I promise I am still fun! Life just gets stressful sometimes but thru it all we have each other."

Alas, it's now rumored that the couple may be on the outs once again... 

Tori Spelling dropped the 'co-parenting' word

Are they or aren't they?

Tori Spelling first sparked rumors that there was trouble in paradise in March 2021 when she revealed on an episode of Sirius XM's "Jeff Lewis Live" that she and husband Dean McDermott were not sleeping in the same bed. "You know what? Right now, my kids and dogs sleep [with me]" she confessed. Then in November 2021, many antennas went up when Spelling posted a family holiday card to Instagram... sans McDermott. "Happy Holidays... With love, from our farm to your family home! xoxo, Tori & family," the curious card read. Later, however, Spelling sort of put the speculation to rest when she noted in the comments section that McDermott was filming a movie in Canada at the time, (via E! News).

But now Spelling has fanned the divorce flames once more. During an interview with People, Spelling discussed "co-parenting" with McDermott. "Dean and I definitely have different parenting strategies. I'm kind of the feelings mom and he's more procedural. He's really great at timing and planning. I'm not good with that," she explained. "You really do need that to be a complete human. You need both worlds," she elaborated on the duo's differing parenting styles. As for whether or not the two are actually destined for splitsville, however, remains to be seen. TBD, we suppose...