One Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Ex-Girlfriends Boldly Speaks Out In His Defense

In August, news broke of Camila Morrone's split from Leonardo DiCaprio. The model had just turned 25 years old, fueling a long-standing internet theory that DiCaprio doesn't date women who are older than a quarter-of-a-century. For proof, skeptics only have to look to DiCaprio's track record of high-profile exes, including Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton, and Nina Agdal. What did all these women have in common? They were typically younger, blonde, veterans on a Victoria's Secret Runway — and no older than 25. Consequently, Twitter had lots of thoughts about DiCaprio's breakup with Morrone.

"Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio feels bad for all the women who can't rent a car until they are 25 and is actually a really good guy. Did that ever occur to you," one person tweeted. Another took a philosophical approach, theorizing, "The girl Leonardo DiCaprio will dump when he's 72 was born today." There's even a viral infographic making the rounds! So to answer Lana Del Rey's question, no, DiCaprio will likely not love you when you're no longer young and beautiful.

Fortunately for Morrone, she seems to be coping well in the aftermath of the split. The model has shifted her focus to acting, and is set to star in "Daisy Jones & The Six" on Amazon Prime, per E! News. But DiCaprio hasn't fared as well, given he's been the target of "ageist" memes and scathing headlines. Thankfully, there's at least one person from his past who's speaking up for him.

Kristen Zang calls for people to stop judging Leonardo DiCaprio

As the internet explodes in speculation over whom Leonardo DiCaprio will date next — and possibly more importantly, how old she'll be — at least one of his exes is choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Former actor and model Kristen Zang dated DiCaprio in the 1990s, when Hollywood was a far less complicated place. Despite the fact that her 25th birthday also signaled a death knell for the relationship, Zang feels that the chatter around DiCaprio's breakup with Morrone might be unfair. "When I read the headlines and online comments with his most recent ex-girlfriend being referred to as having 'aged out' or being 'too old for Leo at 25,' puh-lease (insert dramatic eye roll). I think we can and should do better. What kind of message is this sending to young people?" Zang wrote in an essay for People.

She went on to say that fans don't know what caused the demise of DiCaprio and Morrone's relationship. "Maybe [Camila] really cared for him but was just ready for the next chapter, perhaps it's temporary, or maybe it's none of our business but can we stop with the ageist headlines and comments?" Zang concluded.

In a move to prove he can be more non-discriminatory with his women, DiCaprio reportedly has his eye set on Gigi Hadid, per Us Weekly. Though Hadid is blonde and a model, she also happens to be 27 years old. Look at DiCaprio branching out!