Emily Ratajkowski Publicly Acknowledges Her Split For The First Time

Back in July, Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard shocked pop culture enthusiasts when they called it quits. The two, who share a son named Sylvester, had been married for four years before their break-up announcement. At the time, a source revealed to People that the decision to divorce came from Ratajkowski. "She's doing okay. She is strong and focused on her son. She loves being a mom," the source added. While the two refrained from making a statement, Page Six reported that cheating on Bear-McClard's lead to their relationship's demise. "Yeah, he cheated. He's a serial cheater. It's gross. He's a dog," the source explained to the news outlet.

Since that fateful day, Ratajkowski has seemingly taken steps to move on and begin a new chapter of her life. At the start of September, the "iCarly" actress moved out of their shared home (per Us Weekly). "She got an apartment downtown to get away from her ex and start her new life," a source revealed. "They're only speaking to each other through the nanny."

Alongside her new home, the popular model has also started to open up about her former relationship and dating life via social media.

Emily Ratajkowski contemplates dating again

After remaining relatively silent regarding her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski finally opened up about the future of her love life in a social media post. Taking to TikTok, the beloved model revealed that she was thinking about "dating and stuff" while talking about the negative effects of the patriarchy. "Under a patriarchy, there's this premise of men getting women, like 'getting them' [or] 'pulling them,'" she explained. "Which I feel, as a recently single person who is thinking about dating and stuff, I've really seen that with my friends and with the conversations kind of around it."

While her statement was the first time she actively referenced herself as "single" with an interest in dating, Ratajkowski has opened up about her relationship status within other videos on her TikTok account. Back in August, she uploaded a video with the caption, "The only man I want in my bed is this 90lb boy," before panning to her dog. The "Gone Girl" star also raised eyebrows when she posted a duet that featured another TikTok user describing an "ugly" partner. "When he thinks he's a 10 because he pulled you, but you like ugly men," the user said. In a follow-up comment, Ratajkowski wrote: "For legal reasons, this is a joke." Only time will tell when the "iCarly" actress will return to the dating field.