Why People Don't Feel Sorry For Melania Trump After The FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago

Former president Donald Trump got a temporary reprieve from the steady drip of bad news about the classified documents that were seized from Mar-a-Lago, but even a guy he once hired, former U.S. attorney general Bill Barr, believes that Judge Aileen Cannon erred in her decision to allow the seized materials to be reviewed by a "special master." Barr told Fox News, "The opinion, I think, was wrong, and I think the government should appeal it."

The judge's order halted the Department of Justice's own review of the documents, but not before vague descriptions of the contents of some classified materials were revealed by the press. According to The Washington Post, a document of particularly sensitive nature contained information about a foreign government's nuclear program. But a source close to former first lady Melania Trump told CNN that her biggest concern about the criminal investigation of her husband wasn't the possibility that he may get in serious legal trouble for keeping said materials at his home-slash-beach club. Rather, Melania was purportedly unhappy that FBI agents searched her quarters. "It annoyed her," said the insider.

Another source told Radar that Melania even had to replace her underwear. "Most people don't know that Melania is a bigger germaphobe than her husband. She hates people touching her and certainly doesn't want to put on lingerie that FBI agents have had their hands all over," they revealed. But Trump critics aren't exactly crying crocodile tears over the woman with the $75,000 crocodile Birkin.

Melania Trump receives little sympathy on social media

Los Angeles Times writer Robin Acarian argued that Melania Trump only has her husband, Donald Trump, to blame for the inconvenience of having her unmentionables rifled through, and some Twitter users pointed out that it's not out-of-the ordinary for law enforcement officials to be thorough when they're searching a residence. "Millions of other search warrants executed likely search bedrooms of children, spouses, or others unrelated to a crime," read one tweet. "Criminals often hide items with those who are innocent. The FBI is doing their job."

Acarian and others responded to Melania's reported distress with the message emblazoned on the back of the former first lady's infamous army-green Zara coat: "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" There were also jokes about the makeover Melania gave the White House's Rose Garden, which USA Today criticized for being dull and lifeless. "I'm sure the FBI left Melania's room in much better condition than she left the Rose Garden," quipped political commentator Chris Hahn. Meanwhile, filmmaker Jeremy Newberger took aim at Melania's purported post-search shopping spree, writing, "Imagine Trump's poorest supporters crying because Melania Trump had to buy an entire new wardrobe after the FBI touched her stuff. So relatable."

Acarian also couldn't resist drawing attention to one detail revealed by one Radar source, who expressed outrage on Melania's behalf. "Even her husband isn't allowed in her bedroom," said the insider. 

Donald Trump reportedly cared more about the raid than his wife did

As of this writing, Melania Trump hasn't publicly spoken out about her room being searched, and an insider told CNN that she isn't fishing for sympathy because she believes that remaining silent will make her latest marriage-related woes simply disappear. But her husband took a different approach. "Just learned that agents went through the First Lady's closets and rummaged through her clothing and personal items. Surprisingly, left area in a relative mess. Wow!" he complained on Truth Social (via CNN). When comparing the spouses' feelings about the search, a source stated, "She cared, but not like he cared."

Other members of the Trump family also expressed outrage over the panty raid. On Fox News, Lara Trump claimed that it was a politically motivated move, while Donald Trump Jr. used a meme to make light of the situation involving his stepmother's undergarments. Per the Independent, Don Jr. shared a photo of a gleeful man tossing women's underwear up in the air while seated in a pile of panties. "Feds in Melania's closet," he wrote.

Melania Trump might be trying to make her own money

Donald Trump's latest legal woes have some wondering whether or not divorce is in the cards for the former president and first lady. However, in a 2021 interview with The Sunday Times, Mary Jordan, the author of the biography "The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump," posited that all of the criticism Donald and Melania Trump have weathered and continue to face is the glue that keeps them together.

But, instead of using Twitter to rally support for her husband and clap back at his critics, Melania has been busy promoting patriotic NFTs. CNN spoke to sources close to Melania who theorized that she's attempting to make money that is not tied to any of her husband's businesses. "She might at least be a little worried about how her own life will change," one insider said of Donald Trump's uncertain future. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former advisor to Melania, also suggested that the former first lady saw dollar signs after federal agents rummaged around in her room. "Not surprised if Melania used the FBI search through her closet as an excuse to spend hundreds of thousands of Donald's dollars on more clothing," she tweeted.