Everyone Is Asking The Same Question About The Queen's Beloved Corgis

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Queen Elizabeth was known for her love of corgis, and the dogs were associated with the iconic monarch for decades. Good to Know reported the queen got Dookie, her first corgi, in 1933. The 7-year-old Elizabeth chose Dookie out of the litter because he had a long tail that showed "whether he is pleased or not." The New York Post reported the queen owned many corgis during her life, and she had a special room in the palace for her pups.

According to the Post, a 2013 book "Royal Pets by Appointment" noted that the queen's corgis were treated...like royalty. Author Brian Hoey wrote that Elizabeth's pups got dinner every night at 5 p.m. sharp and ate steak or chicken. The book revealed that the monarch loved to spoil her fur babies, sometimes adding gravy to their meals. But after the tragic death of the queen, many worry about the pups that Elizabeth loved. The topic "Corgis" trended on Twitter, and many were concerned about the queen's dogs. One Twitter user tweeted: "I just need to know the corgis are ok." The Twitterverse was concerned about certain members of the queen's family taking the corgis, too, and one Twitter user tweeted: "I trust neither Charles nor Camilla with the corgis."

Royal expert said corgis were the queen's first and most enduring love

It was no secret that Queen Elizabeth II loved her corgis, but one royal expert made a surprising observation about the queen and her beloved dogs. Royal expert Ingrid Seward told Newsweek that corgis were the "queen's first and most enduring love." Seward noted to Newsweek, "She loves animals, and she absolutely adores dogs. She always has done, they were her first love, and they will be her last." According to Good to Know, when the queen died, she had four dogs including two corgis, a "Dorgi," and a cocker spaniel. The "Dorgi" is a dachshund-corgi mix created by the queen after breeding one of her corgis with her sister Margaret's dachshund.

Royal experts differ on what will happen to the queen's beloved pups now. Seward believes Prince Andrew may take the cocker spaniel and the "Dorgi," with Elizabeth's other children taking the corgis. But royal author and expert Penny Junor told Newsweek she believed the pups would be cared for by two of the queen's staffers. Junor claimed that caring for the queen's beloved dogs the last few years has primarily fallen to Elizabeth's aide Angela Kelly and her loyal page Paul Whybrew. Junior said, "Both are fond of the dogs," and Kelly and Whybrew had spent lots of time around the queen (and her dogs).