Kanye West Makes Confusing Admission About Himself In New Interview

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This last year has certainly been an interesting one for Kanye "Ye" West, especially on social media. In March 2022, Ye was temporarily banned from Instagram for breaking the platform's rules on hate speech, per Rolling Stone. Then in May, he broke his Instagram silence for an unexpected reason. But that was only because he announced his collaboration with McDonald's. The rapper shared a now-deleted image of a new McDonald's box and captioned his post, "Ye teams up with legendary Muji industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald's packaging."

Well, if Ye isn't causing chaos on social media or giving the McDonald's cheeseburger a modern glow-up, then he's also making a candid admission about his parenting. During the "Alo Mind Full" podcast, Ye admitted that his ex, Kim Kardashian, takes care of their four children 80% of the time. He said, "When people saw what I was going back and forth on, is I have to be able to throw my version of what people would throw ... to the curriculum."

And now the "Touch the Sky" lyricist has made yet another interesting admission, one that is certainly raising a lot of eyebrows. That's because his latest statement is coming across as a headscratcher even for his fans.

Kanye West is yet to read one chapter of a book

Although Kanye West is someone who loves to rap about his personal life (even though he says that he would never rap anything negative about Kim Kardashian), don't expect him to write a book about it anytime soon. That's because Ye recently admitted that he is yet to actually read one book, apparently. During the "Alo Full Mind" podcast, the father-of-four noted that reading books is just as fun as eating his veggies. He said, "When you said I hadn't read this book, I actually haven't read any book. Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli."

Well, one can only wonder just how much reading is in the curriculum at Ye's school, the Donda Academy. Rule #1 on the site says, "Students must be confident in forming ideas. If not, their writing will suffer." Whether or not those ideas come from books, no one really knows. But there's always a chance that reading the book "The Cultural Impact of Kanye West" might be offered for extra credit, right?