Teen Mom Fans Tell Nicki Swift Their Least Favorite Cast Member - Exclusive Survey

"Teen Mom" premiered in 2009 as the first spin-off of MTV's "16 & Pregnant." The show aimed to give viewers a candid look into the reality and struggles that come with teenage motherhood. While some may view "Teen Mom" as an educational tool that forewarns the consequences of growing up too soon, the show and its various reincarnations has become a magnet for controversy over the years. 

During the show's early run, some viewers felt that the show glamorized teenage pregnancy and encouraged teens to have babies young in the pursuit of fame. However, the bulk of the drama came from the show's breakout stars and their messy, complicated lives — one reason that fans love "Teen Mom" so much. Over the last decade, "Teen Mom" cast members Farrah Abraham, Kailyn Lowry, Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout and Leah Messer, have been involved in some pretty major controversies. From Abraham's sex tape scandal, to Portwood's domestic battery arrest, it's safe to say that "Teen Mom" ladies haven't always portrayed themselves in the best light. 

To gauge just who the most polarizing "Teen Mom" star is, we asked Nicki Swift readers to vote on their least favorite cast member. 

Farrah Abraham is the least favorite Teen Mom star

The results are in and they are not in Farrah Abraham's favor. Of the 556 readers who responded to Nicki Swift survey, 23.38% shared that Abraham, who parted ways with the show to pursue her various career ventures (and later returned for "Teen Mom: Family Reunion"), was their least favorite cast member. Whether it's explosive fights with her own mother, castmates, or "Teen Mom" production, it's clear why Abraham takes the cake as least likable star.

The second least favorite "Teen Mom" star is Jenelle Evans, who received 22.84% of the votes. Also no stranger to scandal, Evan's latest bout of controversy has really stirred up fans. In 2019, Evans' husband David Eason — who was fired from "Teen Mom 2" for homophobic tweets — admitted to killing their dog, though he claimed it was to protect their daughter, per People. Afterward, some "Teen Mom" fans organized boycotts of the show until Evans was removed as a cast member, per The Ashley.

Next up is Amber Portwood, who got 18.35% of Nicki Swift fans' votes as their least favorite cast member. Unfortunately, Portwood has also been involved in her fair share of drama over the years, which includes spending almost three years on probation for assaulting her ex Andrew Glennon and losing custody of their child James, per People. Rounding out the list are Maci Brookout, Leah Messer, and Kailyn Lowry, who received 17.09%, 11.69%, and 6.65% of the votes, respectively.