Inside Morgan Stewart's Marriage With Jordan McGraw

Reality television star Morgan Stewart has spilled some intimate details about her marriage to Jordan McGraw on an episode of the podcast "Call Her Daddy," with the episode in question titled, "Morgan Stewart McGraw: Boobs and Loubs." Stewart and McGraw happen to be parents of two children, and Stewart's comments as a podcast guest suggest that things are going well for the couple, who married each other in December 2020 after they had announced Stewart's first pregnancy in August of that year, via E! News.

On "Call Her Daddy," Stewart shared how she feels she behaves in relationships and why she believes that she and McGraw are so compatible with one another as a couple compared to some of her previous partners. In addition, she even provided her take on her relationship with her notable in-laws, television host Phil McGraw — better known as Dr. Phil — and his wife, Robin McGraw.

Morgan Stewart described how she and Jordan McGraw mesh

Describing husband Jordan McGraw on "Call Her Daddy," Morgan Stewart explained that she finds that they balance each other out as a couple, whereas she has a tendency to "overpower people." She elaborated, "In a way, I exude a strength that I think is appealing to males, and then they're like, 'Woah, this is maybe too much.' But with my current husband, I don't need to do that, because we're just really balanced." Stewart was complimentary of her husband's personality, saying, "I am so external and extroverted ... He's more introverted and calm and reads situations really well and is a really good judge of character. I have a harder time with that. I'm really open and vulnerable upon meeting people ... And then I have to backpedal. He's very good at balancing me out."

Stewart also spoke about her parents-in-law and said of father-in-law Phil McGraw, "We get along very well, he inspires me ... He definitely is wicked smart ... We have a really nice banter." Of mother-in-law Robin McGraw, she said, "My mother-in-law comes over all the time because we're very close." 

Following her wedding to Jordan, Stewart commented, per E! News, "It's the only way to get married, is the way we did it. It is so lovely. And the people that really matter are there. It is so intimate. You actually get to take in the day. There is no other way to do it. No other way."